Crystals, Cards and Coincidences

Facebook Events surely is helpful in letting you discover or learn about stuff you had no idea about in the past. In my search for lessons, classes and workshops to join during weekends, I chanced upon a fortune telling event last January 27, 2018. A few more searches later, I was led to a free basic meditation class on the same day as the fortune telling event. Best part? The venues were only a few meters away from each other and the sessions were just an hour apart.

The fortune telling event was hosted by Power Stones. All I had to do was buy Php 500 worth of crystals to be entitled to a free tarot card reading for one question. I bought a tiger’s eye bracelet and an amethyst (my birthstone) mediation stone for a total of Php 650 not only to get a tarot reading but because I was also curious about crystals.

10152492836570923Where did the interest stem from? As a kid, I remember reading up on birthstones and their metaphysical and mystical powers all the time. Then, I would borrow my mom’s jewelries and try to see if the crystals were working their magic as I have read. When nothing would happen, I would let my imagination take over and create stories in my head.

10151728375025923When I was going to take my CPA board exam, my mom bought me a wizard bracelet from Minex Crystals as a study aid. Admittedly, I have always been easily distracted and was not as studious as my elder sister. The most I could spend time truly studying was twenty minutes. That’s why my mom was more hands-on with my studies than she was with my sister.

Whether the bracelet helped or not, I do not know. I do remember studying better than I ever have though. I also remember lending them to my sister when she took her CISA and CRISC certification exams, both of which she passed. After that, the bracelet just disappeared and no amount of turning the house upside down led us to finding it. Maybe it’s because it has served its purpose already.

Why was I interested in the tarot reading? I have never relied on divination in the decisions I made but they were always fun to try. I read my horoscope from previous months, weeks or days to see if what was foreseen for me happened. Must be the auditor in me—always skeptic.

The first tarot reading experience I had was two years ago during a Chinese New Year celebration in my previous employer’s office. They invited fortune tellers to give free reading and my officemates and I took the opportunity to find out what the cards were going to tell us. When it was my turn, I was told that I was someone who held people to their word (so true). For that reason, I get disappointed when people break their promises (yes, but reasonably). I was also told that I will be someone who will leave my future partner and raise my child alone. To my “consolation,” I was told that I will be able to make it through all the challenges despite not having someone by my side to help me with them (#independent).

I wanted to see if the cards will say the same thing this time around. The answer I got though was the same thing I have always told myself; it does not have to happen to me. While I was not surprised with the reading, it did feel good to have an affirmation that I am not deluding myself into thinking that I can make a positive outcome of events for myself.

After the tarot reading event, I went straight to the meditation class I found through a post in Seabiscuit Films’ Facebook page. The post from that page led me to the account of Nick Daez, the one who was going to teach. I was hesitant at first to inquire about joining, thinking that it was for an exclusive group. Having noticed that his post (which was shared by Seabiscuit Films) was public, I sent him a message to ask for details. I was so glad that I reached out because Nick did not turn me away.

10151948106695923Since it was raining that day, I initially thought the class that was going to be held in a park was not going to push through so I did not bring any mat or blanket with me to sit on. However, before the tarot reading event started, I got a message from him and learned that the class was still going to happen. I then, asked my mom a favor to buy me anything I could sit on from the nearby mall while my tarot reading was going on.

Nick was very nice and kind, making sure everyone felt welcome. He allowed us to introduce ourselves and share why we got interested with meditation. Despite having done meditation for three years now, he was humble with what he knows. That did not stop him from being generous and wanting to share the experience with others.

I learned a lot during the class. He covered basic breathing techniques that truly helped a lot in clearing my mind. My favorite part though was when he taught us a technique that called for thinking about what made us angry the most, feeling the rage, and then letting it go. I needed it a lot because despite having tried the Headspace app, I was not sure if I was doing the meditation right. It felt good to have someone around to teach you the proper ways of doing things.

I met a few people from whom I also learned about how meditation helps them. Apparently, I was not the only one going through a phase that required adapting and adjusting to a new environment having just moved to a new job almost two months ago. It felt good that there were others who were also looking for ways to listen to themselves more because we tend to forget about it as we navigate through our busy and noisy lives.

10153291250320923They say what is meant to happen will happen. I like to think that I was meant to meet and learn from the people I encountered during both the tarot event and the meditation class. Maybe it was the universe helping me in my attempts to get out of my comfort zone and try some things I would not have thought about spending time on in the past. Maybe it was just me all along. Regardless, I would like to pursue meditating because it did help quiet down my mind that’s always thinking and worrying and fretting. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to use my amethyst meditation stone one day.

The rest of the afternoon was spent bonding with my mom who patiently waited for me be done with both events I went to. I could see she was happy that I was trying to learn new things. Hopefully, next time, I can get her to try out new things with me.

Have you tried having your fortune told? Did you like it? Did the readings come true?

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