Lessons From a Missed Train

“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.”― C.S. Lewis

It was noon of January 11, 2011. I was rushing to ride the train at the Vito Cruz Station of LRT Line 1. Despite not being far from where I was studying, I had to have good timing crossing the street because of the numerous cars and public transportation vehicles passing by.

I was already going up the stairs to the train station when I heard that the train has arrived. Unfortunately, there were also many passengers who were going up along with me. Unlike in Hong Kong, there were security guards who had to manually check the bags of passengers who wish to board the trains. The lady security guard at that time was very strict and would really look into the bags rather than just taking a peek  and poking them with her wooden stick.

I missed the train.

I was pissed off, naturally.

I waited for the next train which arrived only a minute or two after the last one. I rode on the cabin I knew would stop exactly in front of the exit leading to the closest jeepney terminal where I was going to ride (3rd to the last ride home). I was still thinking how I could have walked faster to ride the train I missed.

A few minutes later, we reached EDSA Station where I got ready to alight. As soon as the train doors opened, I was shocked to see splatters of blood on the tiled floors of the station. The people around, even at the jeepney terminal, looked that they just went through an emergency situation. I wondered what happened and had to reach home first before I could research for news.

I found out from the news that the shotgun of one of the guards assigned to that station accidentally fired. Turns out, a shotgun’s bullet scatters into several pieces when fired so it causes multiple damage in the process. The bullet hit the ground but seven people were injured despite the its direction.

Had I not missed the train, I could have been one of those who were hurt. I could have been hurt just as much as they were or I might have been hurt even more seriously. While I wish it did not happen at all, I could not help but feel relieved that I missed that train I was very much in a hurry to catch.

Sometimes, we focus too much on what we lose. It is normal to feel bad about losses but to focus on them too much is also not very good. Sometimes, doing so prevents us from looking at the brighter side of things and from hoping that something better will come to take their place.

Sometimes, we have to lose something we so badly wanted because something even better was meant for us. Sometimes, we lose something because it allows us to keep something we had that is even more important. Sometimes, we lose something because it is no longer good for us.

It goes the same with people we lose too. Sometimes we lose them because they have done their mission in our lives. Sometimes we lose them because we have to learn how to let go. Sometimes we lose them to make room for someone else for us to meet.

Sometimes what is lost is actually a blessing in disguise.


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