Back to Hong Kong (Part 3)

My second day in Hong Kong was a Saturday. We woke up around 8 am so we could go experience Ngong Ping 360. I was excited about this because I was going to ride the cable car for the first time. To make the trip more thrilling, my sister bought tickets for the crystal cabin!

To get to Ngong Ping, we rode the MTR from Wan Chai Station and went down at Central Station. We then transferred to the Tung Chung Line, the same train you will ride to get down at Sunny Bay to go to Hong Kong Disney Land. You may click the picture below to go to MTR Hong Kong’s system map page to download other maps per MTR line.


As you can see, the travel from Hong Kong Station to Tung Chung Station was a bit long. If you got lucky to get a seat, you may still sleep on the way. After all, Tung Chung is the last station.

60161936_UnknownUpon arriving at the terminal where we were supposed to get our passes, the queue was already long. It pays to go early here so you will not have to fall in line for a very long time.

I think it took 30 to 45 minutes before we could hop on the cable car. There were photographers who may take your pictures. The printed copies will be available at the other terminal in Ngong Ping, which you may bring home along with a souvenir for a certain fee (I think it was a snow globe at that time).

I did not enjoy the ride to Ngong Ping Village very much because of the number of times they had to stop the ride. It was difficult to remain calm while I was hanging hundreds of feet above the sea or the mountain and the cabin was shaky because the people inside kept moving about to take pictures. I am not afraid of height but I am mightily afraid of falling down. The very strong and howling wind was not helping either.

Despite that, I loved the view from the cabin car. It was almost like I was in a plane but flying not too high up to make everything look too small. I just really wished there were not that many interruptions. I guess it was due to the volume of visitors at that time.

When we got to the village, we were so hungry already. My sister suggested Zen Noodle Cafe and I loved her choice. The restaurant was very cute and the staff were very friendly towards us. In the midde of the restaurant, we could see workers diligently doing their tasks despite all the steam. I joked that it was a free facial for them.

We ordered pork and curry and loved every single bite! The miso soup was also very delicious and helped warm me after spending several minutes in the cabin where we could feel the very cold wind.

After eating, we then ventured out to see the village. The wind was really cold here and I was glad my sister let me borrow her hoodie because it kept me comfortable during our entire trip there.

IMG_4959We first went to a souvenir shop that sold a lot of cute items. I especially loved the music boxes and the fact that they had a way to let you hear the specific music played by each box without having to hold the music boxes themselves. Prevents damaged goods too. Nice thinking!

We bought fans for myself, our mom and for my sister. A member of the store’s staff was very patient with us while we chose the designs we wanted. She was also active in looking for unique designs and showing them to us to see if we liked them. The lady at the counter was also very nice and we were given really yummy strawberry candies after paying for the fans.

We were also able to get very cute aromatherapy diffusers! They sold it at HKD 20 per bottle and HKD 100 for six bottles. I got lavender, jasmine and orchid. My sister got three other scents.

The lid of the bottle with lavender essential oil looks darker than the other two because I was already able to open and use it. It smelled wonderful! The bottles looked totally adorable too!


Because it is the Year of the Dog, there were dogs all over the village. They were not fierce so you would not be afraid to go near them. I still advise being cautious to avoid any accidents.

This dog was dreaming when I took this picture. He was asleep but kept twisting and turning like he was playing around.
Something’s odd in this photo. Go to the comment section and share what you think is peculiar in this shot.

There were a lot of people who went to Ngong Ping but it was not too packed yet to make our stay uncomfortable. I enjoyed the views and the cool breeze, taking my time to enjoy the peace and quiet. But then, this guy appeared:


I was surprised that a cow appeared out of nowhere and was going near the people who had food like this lady here. According to my sister, it was the same cow that almost chased her the last time she was here.

Not very far from this cow, there were other cows  resting on the grassy parts of the park. I took the opportunity to have a picture taken with one who seemed totally harmless. I had a huge smile because it was my first time to see a cow up close and was even able to touch it! [UPDATE 23-Mar-19: It was recently brought to my attention that the cows in Ngong Ping should not be approached, fed, or touched. My deepest apologies for I was not aware of it at the time of my travel. Please learn from my mistake and let us educate ourselves on how to handle animals in tourist spots we visit.]


60163760_UnknownWe also went to see the statues of the Twelve Heavenly Generals and I searched for the general for the Chinese zodiac, Sheep. It appears that my assigned general was General Anila, who is armed with an arrow. No wonder I liked archery!

We roamed around but were not really into looking for any activities to do. We did, however, tried to go closer to the Tian Tan Buddha. Unfortunately, I was not up to climb the hundreds of steps and there were already lots of people who went up. With the very cold air and my bad habit of holding my breath until I reach the top of the stairs, I did not think I would make it to the top alive. I contented myself with just taking a picture of the Buddha from where I stood.


I loved looking around the village, marveling at the beauty of the works of art they had to offer. It was also fortunate that despite the amount of incense being burned, I did not have an asthma attack!

The ride going back was much more smooth and to my liking. There were no interruptions so we did not take very long to get back to Tung Chung.

Our next stop was the Citygate Outlets where one could shop for international brand names at 30% to 70% off. The best part? The discounts are offered all year round!

IMG_4996We went to the Kipling shop to buy a new backpack for my sister because she needed a bigger one for her Korea trip. After minutes of choosing, we ended up buying one in a color close to brilliant lavender. My sister kept on asking me if she chose a good color and I kept telling her it was unique and far from her usual bag colors which were either black, gray, or blue.

The ladies who worked in the store were very sweet and nice towards us. They were patient with the customers who were taking their time in choosing the bags to purchase. They were not snobs who looked down on people who were looking for discounted products.

After securing our purchase, we went home and just had McDonald’s for dinner (they had twister fries!!!). We spent the evening by watching episodes of A Korean Odyssey and Goblin.

Have you been to Ngong Ping? Did you like the cable car ride? What activities did you do? Please share in the comment section as I would love to hear from you.

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