Just Baked: Blueberry Muffins

“If we are what we eat then I am awfully sweet.” -Anonymous

I do not know who came up with that quote but I do know that I love making sweets! Today, I decided to try The Sweetest Blueberry Muffins by Krusty from Genius Kitchen.

When I was young, we used to make blueberry muffins but never from scratch. My uncle who lived in San Francisco, California would send us packages from time to time and would include Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin mix. We just needed to a few more ingredients to the pre-made mix but it was basically a shortcut. I had always hoped to make it without using pre-made mix to see the difference.

We don’t have fresh blueberries in the Philippines. I did find though, packs of frozen blueberries in Unimart Greenhills when we passed by after my archery lesson. I think it did not go over ₱400 for 500 grams of these cute little round berries.

The rest of the ingredients were readily available in our kitchen so I decided I will try to make blueberry muffins from scratch. Finally!

The ingredients (exact measurements can be found in the original recipe):

Salt, baking powder, lemon zest, nutmeg (for toppings) and vanilla

I do prefer McCormick for my spices and vanilla. Also, it’s the widely distributed brand in the Philippines. I have only started seeing new brands recently and I might try them in the future.

Butter or margarine (room temperature)

For those who are concerned about their sodium intake, you may opt to buy the unsalted kind so you can control the amount of salt you would put in. Personally though, I prefer salted margarine.

Eggs (large, room temperature)

I have always wondered why eggs in the Philippines have white shells. We do have the sort of brown ones but they are not so common and can be more expensive.


I prefer light brown sugar but the recipe allows for any type of granulated sugar, I think. This recipe only called for one cup for the muffins and one tablespoon for the topping to mix with the nutmeg.

Flour and milk

I used all-purpose flour and Alpine full cream milk. I prefer Alpine for cooking and baking because it tastes richer than evaporated milk. But, the recipe did not state anybspecific type of milk so I guess we may use whatever milk is to our preference.

Blueberries (thawed if using frozen ones)

As much as I wanted to document each step of the recipe, it was going to be messy and difficult for me to do. I should probably invest in longer extension cords and a tripod to help me in the future. For now, you may refer to the original recipe post for complete instructions.

After having mixed all my ingredients together, the oven had to be pre-heated already. The recipe used Farenheit but my oven uses Celcius so I still had to convert.

I used muffin/cupcake liners so I would not have to grease the pan. I absolutely dislike having to deal with stuck baked goodies!

I tried to pour the batter as evenly as possible. The recipe said it could yeild 18 muffins, which was true. I had a smaller six-piece tray so I did not have to wait for the first batch to bake before I could prepare the next six pieces.

I sprinkled the top with the nutmeg and sugar mix. I feel though I should have been more generous with the topping because I had more than enough left to sprinkle on the last six pieces. Oh well, next time.

Off to the oven they go!

My greatest challenge in baking is keeping myself from adjusting the temperature and opening the oven to check the goodies inside every now and then. My struggle with electric convection oven is that I cannot predict the heat so much. Sometimes, following the prescribed temperature in the recipe leads to easy burning. Sometimes, it underbakes the stuff. I always had go stand by to see whether disaster was brewing already.

For this attempt though, I decided to trust the recipe and leave the tray inside until the timer sets off. It was a good decision today. I did not have any problem with over or underbaking.

After 20 minutes, they’re done!!! The house smelled wonderfully of the nutmeg and butter.

We waited for these babies to cool before trying one. That did stop me though from admiring these treats and taking loads of pictures.

So how did it taste?

It was not overly sweet (despite the recipe saying it’s the sweetest) which was the most important thing for me. I may love to bake but I do not like eating too much of sweet foods. I prefer savory and salty snacks actually. Although, maybe I did not sprinkle too much of the nutmeg and sugar topping that was why it was not too sweet.

There’s a bit of tartness when you bite into the blueberries. I made sure not to crush them when I folded them in because I wanted my blueberries chunky and not squashed. I loved that the taste of the blueberries dominated this muffin.

No wonder this recipe got an almost perfect 5 star rating from 574 reviewers. It was really good!

I wonder what I shall be up to in the kitchen next time.

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