Calm Me Down Soap

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.” -Bryant McGill

It amazes me how despite how much soap I have already made, I still have lots of dried lavender buds left from the single pack I opened when I first tried to make a lavender and rosemary soap. I had this urge to use up all the remaining buds from that small pack so today, I paired lavender with chamomile. I got the inspiration from the lavender and chamomile soap from A Pumpkin and a Princess. I just eye-balled the amount of ingredients I put in, trying to experiment a bit and hoping I don’t create a disaster.

Instead of goat’s milk soap base though, I made use of most of the remaining opaque white glycerin melt-and-pour soap base from my first attempt. I chopped it into small cubes for quicker melting in the microwave. I think it took around 2 minutes, stopping every 30 seconds, for the base to melt and yield one and a half cup worth of base.

Together with the soap base while heating in the microwave was 1/2 tbsp of refined shea butter that I bought from PurpleButterflyCrafts for Php 150 (100 grams).

I lightly mixed the oil into the soap, careful not to incorporate too much air in the melted base. Then I poured in 1/4 tsp of lavender essential oil for a light fragrance.

I tried chopping the lavender buds a bit (and failed) and opened two chamomile tea bags to get the contents. This was a tablespoon of lavender buds, which finally was the end of the first pack I opened.

It does not look very nice at this stage. The base was not a suspension type so the lavender and chamomile kept floating at the top of the mixture. I shall try to wait until the base has cooled a bit more next time to see if I can get ingredients such as these to scatter throughout the mixture.

I poured the mixture the rectangular soap mold and got three bars worth plus a few teaspoons more. The remaining teaspoons of mixture were poured in another cavity of the mold because I intended to use it as a sampler after the soap has hardened. I waited for around two hours for the bars to cool down and harden before popping them out.

They’re here!!!

For the first and third bars, the side facing up was the one that sat in the bottom of the mold. As for the middle bar, I did not flip it over to show how much most of the lavender and chamomile floated up. I should really try to find a suspension-type soap base.

The soap still lathered up well despite the addition of shea butter but I realized I should not have used too much chamomile and lavender buds. They were too much for the amount of soap base I had. Also, since I only used 1/4 tsp of lavender essential oil, it was not enough to overpower the scent coming from the chamomile tea, which I was not partial to. I suggest following the original recipe to the letter.

I think that’s enough of lavender for now. My next soapmaking attempt will be a peppermint and charcoal soap. I am truly looking forward to it. I shall endeavor improve my eye-balling skills too. Or better yet, I should endeavor to sticking to original recipes.

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