Back to Hong Kong (Part 4)

February 18, 2018. I was going home that evening. I didn’t want to go far anymore for more touristy activity. I just wanted to spend as much time as I could with my sister. Writing this post makes me miss her already.

IMG_3781We wanted to get breakfast at McDonald’s but they had a problem with their pipes so no drinks could be served that morning. Because of that, we opted to just go to Pacific Coffee instead.

We both ordered Pork Sausage Roll and Mocha Brownie Chillino. I loved the chillino drink! It was not overly bitter but not too sweet for my liking either. The sausage roll was very delicious too! It did not take like a hotdog that was just called a sausage. Rolled in the crumbly pastry was an authentic sausage, with all the spices and herbs to make it really yummy!

We also went to two Watson’s Pharmacy outlets because my sister wanted to get me this Sally Hansen gel nail polish that she was recommending for me to try. That was when I noticed the self-service checkout offered for those whose total amount of purchases are below HKD 1,000. Acceptable modes of payment are the Octopus card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Ali Pay, MasterCard PayPass, and Visa payWave.

I am thinking that HKD 999 (roughly Php 6,000) is a huge amount for a self-service checkout counter. This must mean that honesty is greatly valued and practiced in Hong Kong.

We also shopped at isai in CNT Tower, Hennessy Road, Wan Chai. My sister got a cute sweater with a bunny design in front while I got a long cardigan. We got a small koala coin bank as a freebie which I absolutely adored! I just love small, cute things!

For lunch, we went to Cafe de Coral which was just a few steps away from isai. I was amazed how fast the service time was and how big the plates were. I loved the pork dish we ordered because it made me feel so full.


I was very lonely by this point already because being done with our very late lunch meant having to go to the airport already. I did not want to leave anymore and just wanted to stay with my sister just a little bit longer. I kind of wish I did not get the 7PM flight because it felt too early for me. However, I had to be in the office 3 hours earlier the following day because we had visitors from our offices abroad.

We took a cab to the train terminal that will take us to the airport. I did not have any problem with the check in. I noticed from the last time I was leaving Hong Kong (January 1, 2018) that there were no more immigration officers who will scrutinize my travel documents and take my picture upon leaving Hong Kong. In place was an automated process wherein I will just have to scan my passport and step towards the camera that was going to take my picture. Self-service again. Hong Kong residents must be very independent individuals. I love it!

One thing I liked about their airport as well were the strategically placed charging ports and vending machines. I used my Octopus card for the vending machine to buy this bottled water.

The flight was not delayed. However, it was my first time to board a Cebu Pacific plane that had nine seats per row. I was only used to the kind of plane I rode going to Hong Kong–six seats only per row.

I was on a window seat again and no one occupied the seat beside mine. That meant more leg space for me! I just have to sit a little bit sideways.

I passed time reading a book. Fortunately, there was no turbulence during the flight so I did not feel paranoid at any point.


I got home on time. The bags arrived late though.

I booked a ride sharing service to go home. I was wondering why it was so dark in Manila. Like something was wrong with the street lights and some streets looked like there were no lights at all. So, I asked the driver if there was anything going on in Manila while I was gone. Turns out, he had heavily tinted windows. Ha-ha-ha!

I did not go all-out tourist in Hong Kong. I was more happy to share simple moments with the sister I terribly miss having home.

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