I am finally able to wear the sandals I made last February 4. In case you have not read about my sandal crafting workshop experience, you may read it here.

This is my only pair of footwear that I can use for my swollen, bandaged, sprained ankle. Despite the pain from walking (that has dramatically lessened compared to the pain last Thursday), I found the sandals quite comfy!

I am still in shock at how I tripped and fell on my left knee. It all happened so quickly that I did not even have the chance to recover my balance. My foot twisted and down I fell like paper. I should really make it a point next time to be even more careful.

I must say though that the Cooling Leg and Body Cream from Human ❤️ Nature was a big help for when I could not put ice on the swollen area. I has helped a lot on giving my foot a cooling sensation even when wrapped in bandage. It’s also great for use during the summer when it can really feel too warm for comfort.

Human ❤️ Nature is a brand of natural beauty care products that I have loved since I was in high school (more than ten years ago). It’s a cruelty free brand that works closely with Gawad Kalinga in pushing for quality, natural, pro-poor and pro-environment beauty care products (some are even vegan-friendly). I have seen how this company has grown to what it is right now and witnessed how their product selection has expanded to include mineral makeup, mud mask and cleansing balm that work just as well as expensive brands.

Currently, Human ❤️ Nature is sold in the Philippines, US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and a few other countries. You might want to check the brand out.

I hope my foot heals very soon since I have plans to go back to yoga and try fencing. I also have to try archery out again to see if I have improved since my first attempt at it. Until then, I’ll be walking like a penguin (my favorite animal). Ha-ha!

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