Navigating Hong Kong International Airport – HKG My Flight

Sometimes, one cannot help but feel worried when alone in a foreign place. When something aids you in navigating a foreign place, a huge part of your worries is lifted and you get to enjoy truly exploring and looking for adventures.

During my second time and third time to fly back to the Philippines, I used the HKG My Flight mobile app to help me navigate the huge Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) that has over 500 boarding gates. Since HKIA has really good WiFi service, using the mobile app was no trouble at all.

So what’s nice about the app?

First, it tells you where your boarding gate is. During both my flights the attendants at the check in counter were not yet sure of the assigned boarding gates to my flights but this app already had such information.

It will also tell you about the boarding status of your flight.

If you were able to arrive and check in early, HKIA has lots of shops to visit! Although, you might forget about your boarding time once you’ve had your focus set to shopping so a little reminder won’t hurt. The app is said to allow you to track your flight so you get boarding alerts. From Flight Search, look for your flight and tap it to open your flight information. It will open another page where you can tap Track so you will get notifications.

From my few trials with tracking flights for the purpose of this post, I feel it’s best to open the app from time to time since I would only get alerts for the “Final Call” and none for the actual start of boarding.

The app has a lot of other services like the Baggage Arrival Notice, Transport To & From Airport, and Signage Translation (huge help when you feel lost) just to name a few. It also has a list of the airport’s facilities.

Again, if you would like to shop or dine first, the app also contains a list of its shops and restaurants. Tap on any shop or restaurant from the list to open its information page which contains its location and operation hours. Apparently, there is an online shopping feature too!

My favorite shop is Wing Wah Cake Shop and this is where I bought most of the food items I brought home. I prefer it over Okashi Land Hong Kong although both sell really yummy treats.

I can’t wait to see airports of other countries since Hong Kong is the only I’ve been to outside of the Philippines. I shall make it a point to research beforehand if they had apps like this too so I can document my experience in using them. I hope I will have a good time like how I did in Hong Kong.

For the meantime, download the HKG My Flight app here:

Google Play: click here

App Store: click here

To read about my Hong Kong stories and adventures, you may click here.


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