Productive Sunday!

I am thankful for activities to keep my mind and my hands (and feet too) busy. I am someone who needs to be doing something in order to keep my mind from being idle and wandering off to not-so-positive thoughts that only make me feel bad about myself.

It’s the third day since I sprained my ankle. There’s more swelling and pain every time I put weight on my foot but I have to be careful with how I position my foot when walking. I still cannot point and flex my foot so much because it still hurts a bit.

Still, nothing could stop me from being productive today. In the morning, I was able to make peppermint and charcoal soap and also blog about it (click here to read).

This afternoon, I crossed off another item from my list of cookies to try to bake. Snickerdoodles!

I will post an entry about it soon but let me say how thrilled I was that it turned out really delicious! And this is coming from someone who tends to look for flaws in her accomplishments!

And yes, my snickerdoodles look way too brown. That’s because I rolled my cookie dough in a mixture of cinnamon powder and dark brown sugar instead of white. Reason number 1: I love brown sugar better than white sugar. Reason number 2: I ran out of the white sugar.

I am currently using an ice pack on my foot because all the standing and walking somehow took a toll on it. Pain’s not as bad as it was last Thursday though. I hope to fully heal by next week because I have lots of stuff in my to-do list to accomplish!

Thanks to my mom and our companion, Joann, for assisting me in my projects today! I swear, they’re the most supportive people when it comes to my little projects at home.

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