Healing Touch of Arnica

A member of the sunflower family, arnica montana or mountain daisy is used for homeopathic treatment of bruises, swelling, muscle pain and stiffness. It’s available in forms such as tinctures, gels, ointments, creams and even tablets.

I was more familiar with its tincture form. The biggest pharmacy in the Philippines sold it in brown glass bottles with the name Tintura Arnica. I was aware that it was used for bruises and that it felt cold to the touch.

My painful sprain got us buying arnica gel that my mom saw in Healthy Options, an all-natural products store that is the first and the largest of its kind in my country. I love shopping here for teas (they have a great selection), calorie-free salad dressing, stevia, and my favorite SmashMallow products. This time, we got Arnicare Gel.

Mom would massage this lightly on my swollen feet and the bruise on my knee (I beg her to be extra careful when doing this) every couple of hours or when I start feeling pain. We do this no more than three times in a day.

It feels cold initially but wears off eventually (that’s why I still apply the cooling lotion from Human ❤️ Nature before I sleep). It does temporarily relieve the pain after application, allowing me to rest without being bothered by throbbing pain. My bruise is also quickly changing from purple to a more yellow color, with just a few spots still bluish-purple (the really painful areas that took the brunt of my fall). My foot’s swelling has reduced by Friday night.

The gel is thick but is easily spread over and absorbed by the skin. It does not feel sticky or greasy after it has been fully absorbed. However, I do not wrap it in bandage anymore when I use this gel as instructed by the manufacturer.

But, just because it works for me does not mean it will automatically work for you. If you wish to use arnica, please read about it for warnings and possible interactions with your medicines. The use of arnica is also discouraged for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Try to spot test first before applying to a larger area of skin to check for possible allergic reactions.

Have you tried using arnica before? Has if worked for you?

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