Just Baked: 3 Ingredients Coconut Cookies

The comment section sometimes contains more information than the actual post.

A friend at work recently tried going vegan for a day (and is planning to transition to being full vegan). I was then curious about vegan recipes and I chanced upon a double coconut cookie recipe from Gemma Stafford’s Bigger Bolder Baking blog.

I was so excited to make the cookies seeing how all the ingredients listed on her recipe were available in my place. Since they were very cheap to buy, I decided to double the recipe!

While my oven was pre-heating, I went on to making my cookie “dough.”

4 cups shredded coconut

1/2 cup coconut milk

4 tbsps granulated sugar

I mixed the ingredients to form sort of a dough and spooned them on my baking sheet.

They looked so lovely and so white! I could not wait to try them after they have baked for 15 to 20 minutes at 180Ā°C.

Unfortunately, no matter how much longer I bake them (I even got to 30 minutes), only the tops seemed cooked and the inside remained still a little moist. They also crumbled so much and a little touch makes them fall apart. Only 20 of the 30 cookies I baked were able to make it to the cooling rack.

I have to say though that they are soooo yummy! Despite feeling bad at my failure, they made my taste buds happy.

I decided to go to the comments section of the recipes post to see what I did wrong. It was then that I realized that I should have read the comments first before trying the recipe out because that section contained useful tips on how to make the recipe work better and clarifications on the ingredients used.

I was surprised that a lot of people had trouble with this recipe too. I guess one of the main reasons is the confusion about the right kind of ingredients to use.

First was the sugar. By granulated sugar, I was sure that it was the regular sugar I was used to. Granulated = having granules. Granules = small sugar crystals. My eyes went wide when Gemma said granulated sugar in the US is called caster sugar in other places. Caster sugar in the Philippines is the almost, but not quite, powdery kind of sugar!

Next, for the coconut. It said shredded. I assumed it was fresh. I also got my coconut milk from the shredded coconut that I did not use for this cookie recipe. Unfortunately, Gemma was referring to desiccated coconut. My heart broke at this point. šŸ’”

Despite my baking fail today, I learned a lot stuff. Next time, I will also check out the comment section first before getting on with the baking. Still, I hope ingredients listed in recipes will be clear to avoid confusion. A little more description won’t hurt, I am sure. šŸ˜Š

Meanwhile, I shall have to find something else to do with those cookies. What might I turn them into? Hmmm… Any suggestions?

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