They Are Right. Travel Changes You

I looked out my window this morning and was greeted by this beautiful, clear sky! I remember the times I enjoyed seeing clouds from the sky. In my travels, I never got sick of looking out the window and looking at clouds of all size and fluffiness.

These days, I don’t fly to different parts of my country for work. I only enjoy the clouds from where I stand. They’re still as pretty regardless of the angle from which I look at them.

I miss travels though. It’s filled with adventures from learning other cultures to experiencing their traditions to trying their food. It expands your world when you get to be shown how the world appears in other people’s eyes and the reason they see things the way they do. You feel humbled and you realize that the things you know are still not yet that vast and that there will always be more to life than what you’ve already seen.

Can’t wait for my next adventures…

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