Obstacle Courses and Challenges

Challenges are opportunities presented in a more complicated manner. 

Someone once told me that we do not grow when things are easy; we grow when we experience difficulty and overcome it. It sounds like something we don’t normally think about. We probably think, “easy for you to say ’cause you’re not in our position.”

Thinking about how we can grow and be better versions of ourselves in the middle of a chaotic obstacle course to reach our end goal is as difficult as it sounds. When faced with a problem, no one really cries out in excitement, “Oh! Here’s another opportunity for me to learn! Let’s get it on!” Even the most positive people I know just take the challenge in quietly, processing and figuring out the best way to approach the matter at hand.

I admit that change is not something I have come to be completely comfortable with already. From time to time (more often than not), I admit to resisting it. I am continuously learning that there are changes I have to resist and more that I have to accept and just get on solving because the battle would be futile. I am learning to figure out which battles are worth fighting, which ones are not worth my time, and which ones I have to surrender to. I cannot be on survival mode every single time.

Looking back, nothing was ever easy for me. Sure, I have had more privileges than a whole lot of other people. Still, everything I set as a goal and every achievement I had my whole life, I had to work very hard for. Despite the tears and the pain, a whole lot of complaining, and a couple of swearing, I realized that I am the person I am today because those challenges reinforced the inner strength that I have always relied on. Kind of like the process a metal goes through before it becomes a sword.

With that, I hope to be better at managing stress and challenges that go my way.

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