Product Review: The Beauty Bakery Choco Chip Mint Nourishing Hair Mask

“Invest in your hair, it’s a crown you never take off.” -Source unknown

Whew! What a long title! Ironic because this post will just be short.

The Beauty Bakery offers a line of paraben-free, preservative-free, and all-natural beauty products. I saw their products first in BeautyMNL, an online shop of lots and lots of cosmetics, skincare and other beauty products.

For myself, I got their Choco Chip Mint Nourishing Hair Mask because I love anything minty! And choco chip with mint? Oooh!!! Sounds like my hair will smell like dessert!

It came in a 200g plastic tub. Upon opening, I immediately got a whiff of the lovely combination of mint and chocolate chip! The consistency is not as thick as a regular hair conditioner too. I must say though that it did not look as green as in the picture listed in BeautyMNL.

I have emptied this container now having bought it way back February 4. I must say that my hair loved it! The scent did not leave my hair until after a few hours. My hair felt so soft yet not limp or sticky in any way because it rinsed off easily. In fact, my hair fell in love with it at first use that I was always excited for the next day when I would use it again (used it at least twice a week).

Despite it smelling like mint though, it did not give me that cooling sensation I was expecting but that’s okay. No actual mint is in the ingredients so I guess it must have been fragrance oil that they put in for the mask to smell minty.

The tub of this hair mask is available in BeautyMNL for ₱410 pesos. They deliver quickly too.

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