Do-Don’t-Continue Tarot Reading

After learning the basics of tarot reading, I have tried to perform readings on myself from time to time. Here’s my do-don’t-continue cards that I recently drew to take a break from my work.


Do: King of Wands

It means there is an opportunity that has opened for me and I can decide to take it on.

Yup. Boss resigned. Gotta take on some of his tasks. It’s an opportunity for me to increase my visibility to other employees in our office and partners overseas. It’s a chance for me to speed up my learning process and to develop even more my time management skills. Hence, it means for me to do step up my game. 1…2…3…Fighting!!!

Don’t: King of Cups

This king represents someone who has mastered balancing his emotions. He represents someone who is compassionate, kind, and is able to deal with others calmly. He is someone who knows how to maturely and calmly deal with his emotions. Ironically, this king reminds me of my boss.

So, what should I not do? I should not get my fears get the better of me. I am in a unique position to influence the way people look at things. I must not lose the emotional balance by getting easily frustrated and cutting people’s ideas off. After all, different points of view only mean we’re not dealing with duplicates of ourselves. The more ideas there are, the better we can come up with desired outputs that have been considered from different angles and perspectives. Still, I should not allow myself to be swayed from my principles and morals.

I think this card also means that I should also not be too hard on myself. I need to be more vocal about what I am feeling (without sounding self-centered). In that way, I can voice out concerns and needed assistance so that I will not feel at a lost when competing demands are coming left and right.

Continue: Ten of Swords

While it indicates betrayal, this may just mean that I was crushed in devastations. Still, other aspects of the cards show a peaceful sea and rising sun. I believe it signifies new beginnings.

I do feel sad about my boss leaving us. I have a friend who used to be his staff and had great things to say about him, his coaching and management style, and his approach to difficulties at work. That’s one of the reasons I signed up for this job I am in right now. I was confident that my boss will be of big help to me as I transition into my new role. Unfortunately, he has plans of his own and I cannot begrudge him the opportunity to find career growth for himself.

So, what should I continue? This card is also about letting go and accepting defeat. Endings signify new beginnings. I should continue hoping that the best is yet to come. Maybe, I am supposed to learn that I have the inner strength to handle the tasks and challenges ahead of me and I am about to discover it for myself.

The reading certainly helped me put things in perspective. As scared as I am right now of failing and not doing a great job, I have to believe that I can. I know the people who surround me are supportive people who will not feed me to the wolves. I have to take comfort in that. I was placed in this situation because I have a lot to learn from it. Learn from it I shall.


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