Tips on Beating Summer Heat (Without an A/C)

“One benefit of Summer was that each day we had more light to read by.” ― Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

In the summer, days are long. The sun does not set until a few minutes past six in the evening allowing one to feel like he or she has more time than usual to get things done.

It’s also the season when Philippine island and beach resorts are packed with local and foreign tourists out to dip in our beautiful waters and to get a fierce tan. Sunscreen products are in demand and freezers are working non-stop to freeze water into ice.

With summer comes heat. And when you live in a tropical country, the humid heat can make you feel sticky, grimy and uncomfortable. For this reason, malls are also packed with people who want to take advantage of free A/C, especially on weekends. But what can you do if you do not have A/C at home and you don’t want to have to spend money in the mall just to justify your stay there? Here are the things I do and use to beat the summer heat.

  1. Get a cooling bath

Filipinos take personal hygiene seriously. A bath is taken at least once or twice daily. It’s also one of the ways we cool down our body in the summer heat.

Take your bathing to a higher cooling level by using products especially meant to give cooling effects.

For body wash and body scrub, Human ❤ Nature has a body wash and a body scrub that makes bathing extra fun because of their cooling properties.

  1. Put on more cooling body products

IMG_6349I love Human ❤ Nature’s Cooling Leg and Body Cream! I talked about it in my post about recovering from sprain and how I used this cream on the swelling of my foot when I did not have an ice pack around.

This product is amazing! When it says its cooling, it so damn cooling! For that reason, I only put it on specific areas life the backs of my knees, creases of my arms or my nape. A little goes a long way!

IMG_6347I also love Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder. I discovered it way back in high school when it was still sold in a square, tin powder canister. Now it’s sold in a plastic container but the product remains as great as it always was. It smells amazing and cools down your skin too!

Okay, it’s not as cooling as the body cream from Human ❤ Nature. It’s subtler than that but powder keeps you fresh and dry and is more convenient to use when you are not a fan of lotions or body creams.

  1. Wear light and loose clothes

Stay away from body-hugging clothes and those with fabrics like jersey and fleece. Keep your clothes light and loose so you can move freely and keep your body from not being able to breathe.

  1. Get blackout curtains in light colors

IMG_6355Blackout curtains are ideal from blocking the light and the heat from the windows that get the most sunshine. Don’t get me wrong. I love sunshine! But during the summer, the heat from the sun can zap your energy out before you can even start on your day.

Since my bed is next to the window and my room was built in a way that makes it impossible to rearrange furniture, I rely on my blackout curtain to keep myself away from the heat and light of the sun when I am in my room.

Getting them in light colors also make your room less dark considering it’s blocking the sunlight already from getting in. Also, dark colors absorb more heat so it kind of defeats the purpose of your efforts.

Mine is in a shade that’s close to aquamarine or mint green or somewhere between those two.

  1. Get fanning

There are a lot of handheld fans with cute designs that can be a part of your OOTD. Channel your inner Mia Thermopolis and start learning the art of the fan while cooling yourself down.

Or, if you prefer, you may those adorable mini, portable fans that you just recharge and take out when you need it. It’s less tiring than manually fanning yourself too! I also prefer the ones with the blades caged in because I feel they are safer.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water!!! Invest in water bottles that are easy to bring with you.

If you can spend more, get one that keeps your drink cool for long periods of time. I am actually saving up to get myself a Kleen Kanteen.

7. Make ice pops!

Make your favorite flavor combos! I personally loved pineapple and coconut milk. Remember my failed Disney Dole Whip attempt? It led to making my new favorite ice pop flavor!

Another flavor I loved is vanilla greek yogurt and strawberry. I got a super cute ice pop mold from Miniso and it created sundae-looking ice pops!

Even without an A/C, you can still keep yourself cool. The most important thing about summer is to enjoy and have fun. Don’t let the summer heat beat you down!

How do you keep yourself cool?

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