We’re Not Perfect

It’s easy to be irritated by people who cannot meet our expectations. Even I am trying hard to be more forgiving too. It’s the idealist in me that sometimes clouds my understanding of other people’s situations.

I guess it helps to realize that we are all just a bunch of folks, trying to navigate life the best way we could. That each of us are trying our best and sometimes, we just fall short of other people’s expectations. Sometimes, we just don’t make the cut.

But standards are subjective and not all roles are meant for us to play. Being bad at something does not mean being terrible at everything. And it goes the same way. Being great at something does not mean you can be awesome at everything.

It can be tough to be compassionate to others. It is easier to criticize. Maybe it’s because we were designed to see everything but ourselves that we still need a mirror to help us with that. Even then, it’s easier to point out other people’s faults than ours.

My college professor in business tax always told us that the key to happiness is to lower your expectations. Notice that he only said to lower and not to completely remove expectations. I guess it’s normal to expect something from others but what makes us unhappy is our inability to be flexible with those expectations.

It’s tough being us. But it may also be tough being them. At the end of the day, we’re all just pretending we have it all figured out. Because no one can ever have it all figured out when it comes to life. We’re all just a bunch of fools trying to survive.

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