Majestic Bloom: The Queen Sirikit Flower

Again, while in Fontana and my friends were enjoying the pools, I wandered around trying to find something interesting. In my wandering around, I noticed a plant with pink petals so I immediately got my camera to take pictures.

But when I got close to the plant, I was quite surprised that what I thought were pink flowers was actually a yellow flower with these pink petal-looking stuff that I do not know whether they are also flowers or if they are leaves.

Meet the Queen Sirikit.

This flower is a mussaenda that came about by crossing of West African mussaenda erythrophylla and a selection of mussaenda philippica from the Philippines (thank you!). I learned that the yellow part is the actual flower and the pink stuff surrounding it are groups of sepals/calyces. Those were the biggest sepals I have ever seen!

A variety of mussaenda philippica, Queen Sirikit has the following ladies in waiting defined by the color of their sepals and actual flowers, respectively:

  • Doña Luz (salmon pink and yellow)
  • Doña Aurora (white and yellow)
  • Doña Evangelina (dark red and white)
  • Doña Alicia (very bright pink and yellow)

Oh yeah! Because women should stick together and lift each other up!

I was so glad there were no bees around when I went to the flowers. I experienced being stung by a bee before and my arm felt like it was getting chopped off. That was how painful it was for me. Funny though was that there were no flowers around me when I got stung!

I hope to visit more places and get to know more flowers I have not encountered before.

Do you like flowers too? What is your favorite kind?

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