Just Baked: Corn Dogs

“Life isn’t fair. A fair’s a place where you eat corn dogs and ride the ferris wheel.” -Jennifer Brown, Hate List

I am by no means in any fair. But, I love corn dogs just the same. I have told you in a previous post why corn dogs are close to my heart. Today, I attempted to make it at home with no cooking oil and frying involved.

The awesome recipe was from Maegan of The BakerMama. I think hers was the only recipe for baked corn dogs that I found close to the real thing! Others were just cornbread muffins with a piece of hotdog in the middle. Nope. That is NOT what I wanted.

I still had a lot of cornmeal left from my corn muffin à la Kenny Rogers attempt. I also have a lot of whole wheat flour left from my first attempt at making wheat bread. I know that the recipe called for white whole wheat flour but I opted to make use of what I had in my kitchen. The recipe called one cup of each.

The recipe called for 6 tablespoons of butter which is around 3 oz. I finally got to use my weighing scale for baking and cooking! Hurray!

Other ingredients were 1/2 cup of non-fat milk (I only had low-fat on hand), 1/4 cup honey, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon each of salt and ground mustard, and the hotdogs.

I mixed all the dry ingredients first and proceeded to add the cold butter. I mentioned once that dislike getting my hands in contact with the food I am baking. But, this time, I used my hands to rub the flour with the butter until I got course breadcrumbs consistency. I then added my liquid ingredients and mixed everything with my hands until I got a very sticky dough.

It was so sticky that I did not want to bother cutting parchment papers to roll the dough in between and using more flour just to prevent it from sticking. Instead, I skewered my hotdogs, took some of the sticky dough, and proceeded to wrap my hotdogs with the mixture.

At first, it looked like the dough won’t stick to the hotdog but it eventually did. After rolling the hotdog and dough with my hands, it became less sticky so I did not have to worry about getting the dough all over my hands instead of all over the hotdogs.

The entire dough covered seven large hotdogs. I didn’t bother slicing the hotdogs in half anymore. Oh dear, I am soooo lazy.

I baked these in my oven at 200°C for 15 minutes.

The end result was not as “yellow” as expected because I did not use white whole wheat flour. It’s more of a golden light brown color. Also, because it was not coated with the usual batter, the dough was a little bit drier than the fried version. It was also a little bit grittier because of the textures of the whole wheat flour and cornmeal. Also, I should have used larger skewers.

Despite those differences, it was really, really good! The dough was not bland but it did not overpower the flavor of the hotdog. Together, they were just right!

You guys should really try Maegan’s recipe! It’s not fried and soaked in oil, it only uses a small about of butter, and there’s not too much salt either. It’s so yummy and is not difficult to make at all. It’s perfect for kids and kids-at-heart!

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