The Cutest Eye Drops Ever!!!

Back in February this year, I went to Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year with my sister. Before going home, we bought a couple of stuff including eye drops for red, itchy eyes.

My sister said she read great reviews about this Lycée brand and that it’s quite popular there. She bought me one plus another eye drop from another brand.

A sudden allergy in the office had my eyes feeling very, very itchy so I decided to open the box of Lycèe eye drops I kept in my bag. I was not prepared to the cuteness inside.

It’s pink overload! And the bottle of the eye drop is super freaking adorable!!! It’s my first time to see an eye drop bottle that is light years away from being boring! So freaking cute!!!

I placed one drop on my right eye first and was surprised that it felt so cold on my eyeball that I could not open my eyes. The reaction was similar to stinging my eyes but it was not painful at all. Just really cooling on the eye.

I loved it! Itchiness was gone in about two to three minutes and my eyes felt super refreshed too.

I must ask my sister to get me more of these!

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