Just Whipped: Coffee Choco Chip Ice Cream

“There were some problems only coffee and ice cream could fix.”  ― Amal El-Mohtar, Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories

One problem I got is this humid summer heat. The peak temperature in the country ranges from 33°C – 36°C and combined with the humidity levels, those would normally feel 5 to 6 degrees hotter.

So, I decided to make another homemade ice cream using just whipping cream and condensed milk. I have tried it before with my chocolate chip ice cream and it was delicious, albeit a little too sweet.

I found a recipe for no-machine coffee ice cream from Honest Cooking and noticed that it only used 200 grams of condensed milk (equivalent to 200 ml) whereas the whipping was at 600 ml. So technically, the condensed milk was only 1/4 of the mixture. The last time I tried to make no-machine ice cream, there was only about 50 ml difference between the whipping cream and condensed milk. I decided right then to give this recipe a go, knowing that it was not going to be too sweet.

But because I wanted my ice cream to have something to bite into, I decided to add chocolate chips. I also decided to add vanilla because Gemma Stafford from Bigger Bolder Baking, from whom I first learned about no-machine ice cream, said it aids in the proper freezing of the ice cream.

65428112_unknownI used Anchor Whipping Cream this time. I remember Anchor being the brand of my powdered milk when I was growing up. I wondered if I was going to like the whipping cream from the same brand.

I used the same condensed milk and chocolate chip brands from my first ice cream attempt. I also just used whatever instant coffee I had at home.

65428192_unknownFirst, I whipped up my cream into stiff peaks just like I did the last time. Once there, I added the instant coffee to my condensed milk. I did not dissolve it in water anymore. I was under the impression that introducing water to the mixture may cause crystallization that might make the ice cream really hard once frozen.

65428368_unknownOnce dissolved in the condensed milk, I added the mixture to my whipped cream base. I mixed them until well combined. After that, I folded in my chocolate chips into the ice cream mixture.

I tried to taste a little bit of the ice cream and found that one packet/sachet of the coffee was just right and that the ice cream base was not as sweet as my previous attempt. Everything was just right! And so, I placed the in my tin ice cream containers knowing I was going to love it later on.


Six hour later, my coffee choco chip ice cream was ready to be served! I’m so happy!!!


You can already judge how hot it was by looking at the spots that were almost melting already.

The verdict? I really, really loved it! The coffee was not too strong but it helped make the ice cream taste less of the condensed milk. The ice cream was not too sweet, which was exactly how I envisioned the recipe to turn out.

I shall be trying to make fruity flavors next time. Mangoes? Strawberries? Avocado? Hmm… The possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


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