My Mendokoro Ramenba Experience

Ramen makes me think of all the good things life has to offer.

I love ramen so much be they from fast food Tokyo Tokyo or fancier places. I have tried Ramen Yushoken in Banilad, Cebu and had an awesome time eating shoyu ramen. I have also tried Ramen Kuroda in RCBC Plaza and remember being so happy with my order. I also truly loved the niku fuji soba from Nadai Fujisoba. More recently, I went out with friends to Ramen Nagi and had delicious Butao.

I love instant ramen too. I would usually buy instant ramen when I had to eat my breakfast while working because my previous job was just so loaded.

My most recent ramen experience was with my current office mates. It was a late night meal (around 11 PM) at Mendokoro Ramenba in Salcedo Village, Makati and to our surprise, the place still had a queue of people waiting to have their turn to eat!

The setup of the restau allows you to watch your food being prepared. You can see how the staff diligently prepare your orders, making sure they tasted really delicious!

The place smelled heavenly of quality ingredients they used. It smelled of comfort and love that can come from really good food.

That night, I had shoyu ramen.

The broth was really flavorful! Yet, it was not loaded with tallow from the meat that can sometimes coat your tongue (not a good experience). The flavor was not too strong that it will make you reach for a glass of water several times just to cleanse your palate.

The meat was cooked just right. It wasn’t tough but it was not too rare for my liking either. It had a flavor that did not come from the broth which made it more interesting to taste.

The noodles were neither tough nor soggy. It was perfect! The amount was just right to fill you up but not make your tummy feel like it’s about to burst.

Their ramen really raised the game for restaurants that offer ramen. Their recipe is just so amazingly delicious! It’s no wonder how people still line up at almost midnight just to eat here.

I will definitely be back! Also, I would like to explore other ramen places and see what places offer really delicious ramen.

By the way, I loved their gyoza too.

What is your favorite ramen place? What kind of ramen is your favorite?

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