Keep it Klean

When I was in grade school, I carried the biggest water jug a kid could carry to school. It was a red, half gallon Coleman jug. I drank so much water as a kid that I am sure I exceeded the suggested 8 glasses of water a day.

To this date, I still drink lots of water but I do not carry a jug to work because that would just be awkward. But, I did used water bottles and have moved from plastic bottles to glass. But recently, friends have been telling me to get Klean Kanteen.

At first, I saw it as just another overpriced insulated water bottle. In my head, a bottle is just a bottle and any bottle will do.

Until I learned that this bottle could keep liquid hot or cold for more than 12 hours. I was curious so I went to search for reviews. Oh dear. All I read were good reviews.

After trying to justify in my head why it was okay to buy a PHP 1,850 (roughly USD 36) bottle, I gave in. I got a 20 oz Klean Kanteen insulated bottle that boasted keeping liquid hot for 20 hrs and cold for 50 hrs. I got a purple one because which was the only one of its color left when I shopped for it.

Was it worth it? Yes! Oh my gosh, yes! I haven’t tried 50 hours but at 12 hours, I have proven that ice put in has not melted yet. After about 15 to 18 hours, despite the ice having melted already, the water stays cold as if you just got it from the fridge. Amazing!

I do not mind anymore that it’s a little bit heavy. I found a pouch at home to put it in because I didn’t want to put it in my bag without any protection from possible scratches from my laptop charger or umbrella.

My purchase was really worth it. Some things are really worth the price tag.

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