Tarot 101 Workshop by Jammi

“Divination is the quest to understand more about the past, present, and future. In other words, Tarot readings are an attempt to understand ourselves better and discover how we might live better in the future.” ― Theresa Cheung, Teen Tarot: What the Cards Reveal About You and Your Future

You might remember that I previously went to a journaling and tarot workshop two months ago. I greatly enjoyed that workshop and have since then tried to learn more about tarot reading.

However, my busy schedule does not permit me so much time to pore over books, trying to memorize the meaning of the cards and the meanings of their different combinations. My tarot deck took a backseat for some time and I was completely focused on my work and my blog.

CaptureOne night, while unable to sleep, I started looking for workshops to look forward too again. In my search, I came upon an event posted by Persephone – A Seasonal Kitchen (a restaurant) on Facebook. It was a tarot workshop on May 13. It was to be headed by Jammi Nedjadi, a Reiki-Shaman and full time Lightworker who has been reading tarot and oracle cards for roughly fifteen years by now.

I immediately signed up for a slot, praying that it was not fully booked yet. I sent the message on Friday and the event was already that coming Sunday. Luckily, the universe granted my hopes to be able to attend this workshop.

img_7190The restaurant was just 15 minutes away from my house so I did not have to hurry up so much to leave. It was a cozy place that offered what looked like very yummy food to me. But, I just had my brunch two hour ago and was not really hungry. So, I just ordered my favorite leafy chips: fried kangkong (water spinach). Oh my gosh! It’s my new favorite already, bumping off the same dish from Kanin Club! I love it so much!

Soon after I got there, the event began. We started my a mini reading from one of Jammi’s friends, Jennifer. Basically, the cards told me that in order to be successful in the endeavor I had in mind, something from the past has to end. I think I know exactly what that is!

After the mini reading, we were given decks to use throughout the workshop. They were not all tarot decks. Some were game cards, I think. My partner, Aya, and I were given Dixit cards.


The practice was to use our intuition in reading. Jammi mentioned how intuitive reading helped her friends learn tarot reading much more quickly than by memorizing the meaning of each cards. She gave us tips on where to buy cards, how to read reverse cards and how questions are appropriately phrased.

Aya and I took turns, eventually switching partners with Kia and Paula. We also had a fun time reading, Paula and I.


The workshop did not teach us the meaning of each cards. Rather, we were taught to listen to our intuition and to the universe. It was quite amazing how, even by just using playing cards, we were able to make readings that had each other saying “woah!” and “spot on!” every now and then.

The event did not just teach me about tarot. It also allowed me to meet people who came from different backgrounds but were still awesome in their own rights. I learned a lot from the experiences they shared too, making me feel like I also grew in maturity that day.

I look forward to learning more about tarot and meeting more awesome people in the process! I also look forward to trying other dishes from Persephone – A Seasonal Kitchen because the menu looked very, very promising!

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