Getting Fat at Fatburger

“We all need to make time for a burger once in a while.” -Erica Durance

The burgers in Fatburger overwhelmed me a bit so they shall have to wait for me to be brave enough to try their burgers.

My taste for burgers is quite simple: soft and warm bun, juicy patty, yummy dressing, and slightly melted slice of cheese. I enjoy bacon slices and a bit of mushrooms too. That being said, you can say that I don’t like having a lot of ingredients in my burger. I remove the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions from my burger that my sister shakes her head at me and ends up putting the stuff I took out in her burger instead.

So when I had dinner at Fatburger in Glorietta with my very awesome friend, Danielle, I didn’t go for the burgers like she did. Instead, I went for their chicken caesar wrap. I also ordered their fat fries and onion rings to share with Danielle.

Chicken caesar wrap – ₱225

Right off the bat, you can see that the serving is really huge. I am so glad that they sliced the wrap in half because I was not able to touch the second half of it. It would have been a waste if it was served as a whole and I was not able to finish. I would not be able to give the other half away.

It also had more lettuce than I was expecting. Maybe I was expecting it to be closer to KFC’s California Maki Twister Wrap. Then again, it was a salad turned into a wrap for convenience so I should have managed my expectations better.

I’m glad it did not have onions or anything else other than lettuce, bacon, chicken, caesar dressing and cheese because I also dislike salads that have a lot going on (with tomatoes or grapes or olives, etc.).

The amount of dressing was just right so it did not make the tortilla wrap soggy. But, if it had a little less cheese, I would have loved it even more. It was filling, it was yummy and it was not messy to handle. But yeah, I would request just a tad bit less cheese next time.

Homemade onion rings – ₱95

I generally hate onions. I take them out of my food or always ask to have them left out when I eat out.

However, my awesome and beloved Uncle Greg likes onion rings. When I stayed with him and Aunt Lory for two weeks a few years back, he made me try onion rings made by their help, Pearl. They used white onions instead of the red kind. For some miraculous reason, I loved it. Or, maybe it was me trying to impress my uncle who I admire so much. I am not quite sure anymore.

Fatburger’s onion rings was yummy too! It was crispy and the onion inside the coating was not mushy or anything that could turn me off. Also, the coating was not like in other onion rings I have seen where it separates from the actual onion, leaving you with fried batter and onions instead.

Maybe I did start loving onion rings after all. Hahaha…

Fat fries – ₱95

When I want to eat comfort food, I turn to potatoes to give me the comfort I seek. I love potatoes from fries to shepherd’s pie’s mashed potato part. I also prefer potato salad over macaroni salad so my mom makes two kinds of salads when we have a celebration at home like birthdays or Christmas.

Despite the large cuts, the fries were well done. They were not heavily seasoned which makes them perfect for dipping. I love mayo for fries more than ketchup or gravy.

Danielle and I did not order any fancy drink, opting for just iced tea and root beer. But, I was able to visit Fatburger before with my officemate, Cess, and we ordered their chocolate milkshake.

She had a discount voucher/coupon from Booky, so we got to buy two milkshakea for the price of 1.

Again, serving was very big! The best part was though was that it was very, very delicious! It was not too chocolatey the way some chocolate milkshakes are so my taste buds were not overwhelmed. The balance between the chocolate and the milk and the ice cream was perfect.

One problem I had though was my habit of going through drinks very quickly. Before I knew it, I drank the whole thing already! Same reason why I drink over 16 glasses of water a day. Hahaha…

Still, good food is lonely to have without anyone to share it with. The best part of my experience in Fatburger was the bonding time I had with Danielle and with Cess. Conversations are always good to have over meals, I think.

Fatburger in Glorietta mall offers yummy food and the customer service is awesome as well! Please do check out this place when you’re in Makati.

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