“It’s too bad we’re not all teddy bears. More stuffing would only make us cuter and cuddlier.” -Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

For a few weeks, the lobby of a place I would frequently go to had this sort-of advertising setup for a food business. It’s like a tea party for cute teddy bears.

Being in the lobby, these bears were so accessible to kids and kids-at-heart and so every single day, I would find them in the craziest positions that I would make mini stories out of. This post will be lengthy but please “bear” with me. Hehe…

Here’s one that doesn’t feel like getting up at all. You know, when you’re all comfy and you don’t want to get up and face the reality of your responsibilities for the day. Or maybe he was overwhelmed by the amount of work he still has to complete and has no idea where and how to start.

Friday is the worst. It’s when you’re excited about your weekend plans that you don’t feel like doing anything but wait for time to pass. Adulting is tough

Mr. Bear says to himself, “I must get up. But, do I want to? Nope. So comfy here. The chair won’t let me go anymore.”

Here’s a group of bears that are grounded for being naughty. Mother Bear’s giving them an earful of a scolding. I know which one can’t wait to have it over with. Haha…

Here’s one bear that’s feeling so awful for a blunder he’s made. With him is his friend is telling him it’s okay and to look at the positive side. He says, “You learn from your mistakes and you come out wiser and stronger. Let’s just go out and have some beer.”

Thank God for resilient friends. On some days, even the cutest, cuddliest bears can be tough on themselves. They need friends to remind them that life goes on.

Here’s the bear who’s so deep in thought, trying to remember what he dreamed about that night. It must have been an awfully long dream packed with action and adventure.

That bear better be careful when getting up or it’s going to be a painful awakening. Who sticks his head under an armrest?! This bear, apparently.

Here’s a fighter that keeps holding on. “I will never let go, Jack.” (Insert My Heart Will Go On here).

Here’s a bear that’s giving a literal interpretative dance of Hale’s song.

“… You’re turning me on, you turn me around, you turn my whole world upside down…”

Here’s the bear who had to work six hours of overtime the night before. “Zzzzzzzzz….”

He had lots of work due that night and his teams were dependent on his review and approval so they can beat the deadline. The good news is that he managed to perform those duties and his teams made it through.

It was a tough month for everybody.

Here’s a group that reminds me of my former office mate’s favorite bear jokes. You gotta be a Filipino to understand. It goes:

Q: What do you call a small group of bears?

A: Bearkada! (Barkada=a group of friends)

Q: What do you call a bigger group of bears?

A: Bearangay! (Barangay=smallest administrative division/smallest unit of society in the country)

Here’s the bear that’s so chill because it’s the weekends already.

The owner had these removed already and has completely changed the style of their promo display. I miss these bears terribly and wonder where they are now. The new promo display is not as eye catching and pleasing as these bears were. The lobby does not look as bright and happy now that they were gone and there was nothing to look forward to anymore.

I do wish that they’d make a comeback. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one missing these cuties.

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