Imagine how much better the world can be if we were all kinder to one another…

It’s been a little tiring spending time on social media. A lot of people have been more open about their prejudices and distaste for anyone or anything they feel are “beneath them.” Comments sections are mostly filled with arguments, name callings and harsh words. I wonder if they are the same to people they talk to in person.

It’s not nice to think too highly of ourselves. People who have opinions different than ours are not automatically dumb, stupid, crazy or weird. People who are not as smart as we are cannot be simply regarded as imbeciles. People who do not look like us are not naturally ugly. People who do not share the same interest as ours are not undoubtedly boring.

Let’s be more forgiving and more tolerant of our differences. We have to accept that in one way or another, we all need each other.

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We cannot always look at other people as beneath us and that dealing with them is an act of stooping down. It’s so lonely at the top. More so when the pedestal we think ourselves are in were just made by us.

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