Memories in a Can

A recent trip to the grocery had me buying myself a can of Cali Pineapple. It’s not the same Cali that I used to drink as a kid but it still brings back the memories.

A shandy (a mix of beer and lemon/lime soda), Cali was introduced to the Philippine market in 1995 by San Miguel Brewery. I understand now why it was so popular when I was around 6 years old (I was born in 1991). It was perfect for adults who didn’t want to drink an ordinary soda but was even more perfect for teenagers who wanted to act like grown ups.

My dad loved Cali, particularly Cali Ice. He often bought a few cans when we did our groceries so that he had something to drink while watching his favorite PBA team, Brgy. Ginebra. If not basketball, he would watch Filipino action movies with those famous action stars and their leading ladies who were always damsels in distress.

Having only daughters for his children, he had us grow up watching those TV shows with him at night. What Papa did not know (but eventually realized) was that my sister and I would steal some of his Cali. He sat on a chair while my sister and I sat on the floor. With his eyes glued to the TV, he could not see my sister and I with our stolen can of ice-cold Cali that we made sure to pop open in the kitchen so that he would not hear the fizzing sound.

When he found out, we got scolded and we were told that it was beer that we were drinking and that it was not for kids. My sister and I felt so kick-ass that time for drinking adult beverage.

As we grew older, the household expenses increased. Eventually, Dad stopped buying Cali already. I was around 8, I think, when we stopped buying Cali.

The next time I drank Cali was already in 2017, when I was on an out-of-town assignment in Legazpi, Albay. It tasted different to the drink I got used to as a kid. Maybe the formula has changed or maybe my taste buds have changed. It’s truly more of a soda than a shandy now.

What memories shall I make with a can of Cali now?


It’s Not a Joke

“There is no point treating a depressed person as though she were just feeling sad, saying, ‘There now, hang on, you’ll get over it.’ Sadness is more or less like a head cold- with patience, it passes. Depression is like cancer.” – Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees

June 2018 was a month of triumph in the Philippines for mental health awareness. The president signed the Philippine Mental Health Law, or Republic Act 11036. This law aims to make it easier to access mental health care in ways like raising mental health awareness through education and providing mental health services to the society, starting from the barangay level. The barangay is the smallest administrative division in my country.

Despite my opinion of our president, I do know when to acknowledge that he has done a good job. This law is one of them. I also commend the authors of the law for the hard work that they have put into it. It’s time we acknowledged that mental health is important in our overall well-being.

Where I work, they are also pushing to raise awareness on the company’s efforts to help employees dealing with mental health concerns. We had a representative from the healthcare department discuss the services available in our clinic to help us cope or deal. They showed a video presentation on how managers can detect and help employees who might be undergoing mental health concerns.

In the said video, the female employee was not her usual self. Her manager got her to open up even just a little and she did reveal that she was having problems with her boyfriend. To this statement, a colleague made a remark  that went along the lines of “boyfriend lang pala, mental health issue na (just a boyfriend issue and it’s a mental health issue already).” I don’t know from whom it came because I think the person was not from the same aisle I was seated. All I know is that some people laughed at that remark.

Just one statement. They already judged the issue as petty and not worthy of being categorized as a mental health issue. This is exactly why people undergoing depression and anxiety find it difficult to open up about their condition. People judge without listening to the whole story.

What if the boyfriend was being too possessive and controlling to the point that she is treated like property? What if the boyfriend was insecure of her success and so, he makes her feel like she’s not worth anything? What if he was pushing her to do things she is unwilling to do? What if he beats her and hurts her in places where bruises won’t be visible to others? The possibilities are endless! The lady was only starting to open up. Of course she would start in the shortest way possible to explain what she’s going through. Details will come later.

Okay, benefit of the doubt. Maybe the person is someone who thinks out loud and that was just an initial thought that was leaning more towards wondering than judging. After all, we all have our own tones and manner of saying things. Still, it is important that when we deal with mental health issues of family, friends, colleagues or just about anyone who happened to be opening up to us, we put focus on listening rather than anticipating what will be said next or judging every word/sentence that will be uttered. We need to have a view of the bigger picture first before we say anything because people who are undergoing depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health conditions may be pushed down further into their condition when we behave so carelessly and dismissive of their feelings.

Stop hiding behind #JustSaying or #RealityTalk or #JustBeingHonest to excuse lack of tact. Lady Gaga says in her song, “‘Til it happens to you, you won’t know how I feel.” But even then, there’s a huge chance that we’ll react differently.

We must not judge the gravity of the problems of other people based on our own metrics and standards. What is petty to you may be tremendously big of a deal to others. Similarly, what may be petty to others may mean the world to you. We all come from different backgrounds, different upbringing, and different experiences. We cannot judge a problem to be petty until we have been in their shoes. Let us be empathic and listen to understand and feel where they are coming from.

We still have a long way to go for people to be more open-minded about mental health. In the meantime, let us be careful when throwing around the words depressed, anxious, bi-polar, schizo and other mental health conditions. In this age of social media, these are sometimes used to describe situations that are actually very far from their real context. So, people start thinking that these are minor issues only and just part of acting up, seeking attention or being melodramatic. Let these words be used for what they should be used for.

Just Tried: Restoran Garuda

“The taste of your life depends on the spices you used to brew it. Add laziness to it and it becomes bitter as the bile; put a cube of good attitudes into it and you will lick your lips more and more due to its sweet taste.” Israelmore Ayivor

On the same Sunday when I attended the workshop on caging crystals, I got to have my first Indonesian cuisine experience from a restaurant. I am not sure why I have never tried going to any Indonesian/Indonesian-inspired restaurant all these years. The closest I got to eating Indonesian food was when Mom made chicken sate (or satay) or nasi goreng at home.

It was not planned but that Sunday noon, Restoran Garuda was the only restaurant open near the workshop venue. Having left the house very early to go to church service, and with only one and a half hours from the end of the service to the expected arrival time at the workshop, I did not have the luxury of time to be walking around looking for a place to have lunch. I was also very hungry already.

But, unlike Japanese or Chinese food that I can order easily, I was so confused with the items on the menu. I was not sure whether I wanted to be adventurous, ordering something I am not totally familiar with or going for something that sounds safe based on the description. I was also wary because everything sounded spicy. I am very sensitive to spicy food! Thankfully, a member of the staff was helpful and directed me to the less spicy items on the menu. I ended up ordering the Nasi Goreng Spesial (Special) with Daging (Beef) and a bottle of Indonesian Iced Tea.

Nasi goreng translates to fried rice, very known in Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as other countries such as Singapore and Brunei. It is delicious because it is infused with delectable flavors and spices. The possibilities are endless, I think, there being so many variants there are, depending on the type of rice, meat and other ingredients used.

Because of all the yummy goodness infused in it, it smelled heavenly when they brought me my order! And boy, was it a huge serving!


In front of me, I saw this message that made me chuckle. This must be the motto of people who love spicy food! I may not love spicy food as much but I agree with the statement. Cheers!


I was surprised with the Indonesian Iced Tea. Apparently what the word Tehbotol meant in the menu was that it was going to be bottled iced tea. Made by a company called Sosro, it turned out to be sweet, jasmine tea.

As fond as I am of the jasmine scent, I am so sorry that I never really liked jasmine tea. When I drink jasmine tea, it’s so sharp to my tongue that I feel like I am drinking water with diluted soap. It’s not the taste that’s as bad for me. It’s the sensation in my mouth that turns me off. I didn’t consume more than a quarter of the drink then.

Now, let me discuss the nasi goreng spesial. It was so flavorful that I cannot imagine how many yummy goodness-filled ingredients got put into it. The rice really absorbed the flavor, making it seem that the rice was not just tossed into the sauce/flavorings before serving. Rather, time was really spent to allow the flavors to infuse into the rice.


I told you the serving was huge, right? Thirty minutes of eating made me notice that I have not even consumed half of the bowl. And I am actually a quick-eater! I was so full already and had to go to the workshop so I asked the restaurant staff to have the remaining food packed to go.

When I got home, I had the remaining fried rice re-heated to eat for dinner. There really was a lot left. You might not believe it though but it tasted even better than it did while I was at the restaurant! Maybe because the food had more time for the flavors to marry and get infused into the rice? I don’t know. I just know that there are food that taste better a day or two after they were prepared.

So far, jasmine tea aside, my taste buds had a party when I ate this nasi goreng spesial. It was exceptionally good! I should probably try out the other fried rice items in the menu and just specify to make the spice level ultra mild. Haha…

Please do try out Restoran Garuda! You may book a table via Zomato and Booky. I believe though that Booky has a promo wherein you can book a table and get Php 300 discount when you book 30 minutes ahead and reach a Php 1,000 minimum spend. So, it might be the better deal of the two. Remember that Booky gives a free trial upon signing up which gives one Php 1,000 worth of savings that you can use in the form of Buy 1 Take 1 coupons or restaurant booking discounts. Go check it out now!

Bends and Twists

“Your mind is a key, and whatever it unlocks, the greatest treasure of all.” -Michael Bassey Johnson

After joining the workshop on caging crystals, I got hooked on making accessories. I promised myself to buy materials and tools so I could busy myself with making baubles, putting into practice what I have learned.

I made a trip to Wellmanson Beads and Accessories in Quiapo, very near the Quiapo Church, in my search for tools, wires, and charms. I did not expect to be overwhelmed by how many awesome items they had in the store! There were rows and rows of beads, chains, gauge wires, and so many more!

The items I got from this store include my wire cutter, round nose pliers and long nose pliers that I think were only around ₱60-₱70 each! I also got wires, some chains, jump rings and lobster claw locks and a string of rose quartz beads.

Outside the store, along Villalobos Street, there were tons of other stores that sold beads, chains, charms and stones for making accessories. One of them was DIY Beads.

If you thought the beads and charms selection from Wellmanson was overwhelming already, this store was even more so! I was not able to snap a pic because I was so busy looking at stuff to buy!

I got a string each of carnelian, moonstone and rhodorite. I am no gemologist and cannot attest to the authenticity of these stones. All I know is that they are super pretty to look at!

Since I was not satisfied yet, I went to a couple more stores until I found one that sold some heart-shaped cherry quartz. Again, I do not know if these are real but I truly hope so.

Once home and have had my lunch, I immediately went ahead to play with my purchases! I ended up making keychains for everyone in my team at work. I also made some pendants to wear.Making accessories has helped me lately because my insomnia has come back, allowing me only three hours of sleep instead of my normal six to seven hours. By the time my hands were tired, I was ready to doze off.

I realized that I forgot to get gold-colored gauge wires so I searched online to buy. I ended up buying from PlanetAccessory over Shopee. From that shop, I also got a few more charms, and strings of black onyx, ruby, jade and amazonite beads.

Because of the heavy rains, I had to wait for about half a week to get my hands on my orders. By this time, I have found lots of ideas on Pinterest on designs to re-create and tips to be better at making wired jewelry. I am so glad that there are lots of DIY guides that could be found there!

I could not sleep at all last night (again) and so,I busied myself making a few more accessories. Most of them were rings.

In my attempt to be better at bending and twisting wires, I cut myself in the process. Thankfully it was just small. I wrapped the wound with a plaster and went back to wringing the hell out of my wires.

By the time I knew it, it was sunrise already. My fingertips were aching and I think I grew callouses in the process.

I realized how quickly time passed by when I busied myself with making trinkets. My mind went on laser focus mode and did not have space for worries and anxieties. I found the activity truly realxing (except for when I scratched of cut myself).

On the other hand, I realized how I could not entirely make the wires bend to how I want them to at all times. Sometimes, they have a will of their own and would want to bend to a different direction than what I had planned. Forcing the wire sometimes meant making dents or marks that I could not straighten anymore. I had to work with them not against them.

I also found out that my ring finger is of the same circumference as a Vicks Inhaler. I did not have a ring sizer or ring mandrel (costs a lot!!!) on hand so the inhaler was such a huge help to me when I made rings. I guess having caught a flu recently had its perks.

I plan to grow my collection of semi-precious stones. I also need to buy them not in these round form, but in irregular shapes for added charm. I already got myself an organizer from Daiso that will allow me to keep them in containers that are so cute! I think I will need to buy some more!

I hope to greatly improve my creativity and hand dexterity so I can make beautiful accessories. For now, I shall be browsing my Pinterest for inspiration.

Just Tried: Ajisen Ramen

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” ― Mark Twain

Japanese food is good food. I have no words to describe how much I am fond of Japanese food over American and Italian food. So, when I discovered this Japanese restaurant near my Mom’s favorite Italian restaurant, La Grotta Cucina Italiana, I knew I had to try going there for a meal!

Welcome to Ajisen Ramen! Originally from Kumamoto, Japan, this chain of restaurants already has branches in places like Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and many more. In the Philippines, it has five branches spread across Makati, Manila, Pasig, Quezon City and Las Piñas.

Situated in the corner of Plaza 100 Bldg., in Makati, I find that it does not call attention as much as the Chowking branch does, since it isat the corner of the street this building’s in. For me, that only meant less crowd and more comfortable eating time. True enough, there were not so many people when I went there for lunch.

I ordered shogayaki don and gyoza. To drink, they gave me what I think is barley water.

Right off the bat, I saw big pieces of onion. Oh dear. I truly do not like onions in my food. I spent a good five minutes fishing out the onion bits and sadly, having to fish out onions from my food always gives me a headache.

Once I had the onions out, I took my first taste of the shogayaki don and found that I quite like it. The special sauce they say they put in was not too flavorful for me to want to drink lots of water to cleanse my palate. The meat was tender, not at all chewy. The rice was not too sticky and not too fluffy.

However, what I truly loved was the gyoza. It was actually the first thing I was sure I wanted to order. The crispy bottom and perfectly steamed filling were so good and were perfectly complemented by the dipping sauce. I was not sure if it was soy sauce because it had a very light taste.

The stress from the onion situation was taken away by these heavenly pot stickers!

Except for the onions, I had a pretty good experience here. I do have to admit though that it’s a bit pricey here. I can get the same food from Tokyo Tokyo or Yoshinoya for a much cheaper price. Then again, those two are fast-food places and I probably should not compare Ajisen Ramen to them.

Will I go back? I am not yet sure. Maybe when I crave for ramen, I will. I am quite curious about their original white broth ramen. I hope it’s very good and delicious.

By the way, I just discovered that the little girl in their logo has a name! It’s Chii-chan! Isn’t she cute?!

She actually reminds me of the poster I saw in a Chowking branch in Legazpi, Albay.

Have you been to Ajisen Ramen? What would you recommend from the menu?

New Favorite Show: Sketch (2018 Korean Drama)

“If you do not know you are in danger, you are that danger. You do not know me, but I come in peace; if you think that is strange, then you are the stranger.” ― Justin K. McFarlane Beau

Recently, I wrote about how I got hooked on Partners for Justice/Investigation Couple Korean Drama. It’s currently at Episode 28 with only four episodes to go. Argh!!! I want more episodes!!!

sketch-03So, I tried searching for another Korean Drama to watch. I discovered Sketch. This drama stars Rain (Full House) and Lee Dong-gun (Lovers in Paris), two of the first Korean actors I discovered as a teen. I do not know the rest of the actors and actresses anymore.

What caught my attention was the synopsis. This is a crime and suspense type of TV show that features a detective who is able to draw crime scenes three days before the actual crime occurs. Thus, effort is poured into preventing the crimes from taking place.

The premise reminds me of one of my favorite shows as a kid–Early Edition. This was back when we had no cable TV and relied on the local channel, Studio 23, for foreign TV shows like 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, and Boston Public. I loved those shows as a kid!

In Early Edition, the protagonist (Gary Hobson) receives a special newspaper daily. This newspaper is dated a day in advance. Hobson also made it a point to save the lives of people featured in the newspaper to have been victims of accidents and ill intent. The great thing about him though is that he didn’t make use of the paper for his personal gain such as trying the lottery after having known the winning combination in advance.

Sketch will run for 16 episodes and is currently at Episode 14. Unlike Partners for Justice that I discovered a little bit earlier, I will have the luxury of binge watching Sketch. No need to wait for 6 days just to know what happens next. Although, if I like it too much, sixteen episodes might leave me wanting for more too. Argh!

What other crime and suspense TV shows should I watch? Got ideas?

Needs and Wants

If one prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If they pray for courage, does God give them courage, or does he give them opportunities to be courageous? If one prayed for their family to be closer, you think God zaps them with warm, fuzzy feelings? Or does he give them opportunities to love each other?”- Evan Almighty (2007)

Last June 24, it was my second time to go to the church service at Victory Fort Bonifacio. I was hoping to hear my cousin deliver the sermon again but God had other plans. In his place was Pastor Steve.

Pastor Steve’s sermon mainly revolved around how we usually ask the wrong question to God. And when He does answer, it’s not the answer we were expecting because we asked differently. However, His answers are always the answers we truly needed; the answers to the questions we should have asked instead.

I realized that this also applies to our wishes, hopes and dreams. Sometimes, we wish for one thing, only to be given another. Most of the time, we do not realize right away why we were not given what we wanted.

I was deathly afraid of not being able to walk after my mysterious illness as a kid. I talked about it in a previous post. Two months later, I badly sprained my right ankle, causing me to face my fear of the wheelchair and confinement to my bed. I had to learn to swallow my pride and ask for help, learning that there are people who are genuinely willing to help and not see me as an inconvenience.

I wanted to be a doctor. But, circumstances would not allow it. Five years later, we had to make a decision that involved responsibilities that I could not have fulfilled had I still been in medical school. I also got into a job that allowed me to travel to so many places in my country, which could not have been possible had I still been studying.

Normally, in a fight or flight situation, I would choose the second option. I have always disliked heated conversations when people’s tempers are at their peak. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself assisting a colleague in a call with a difficult stakeholder and managing to cut it when the discussion was leading nowhere anymore. I had to confront my fear of heated arguments, raised and angry voices, and display of dominance.

Also, I realized how I was limiting myself to just wanting to hear my cousin deliver the sermons during the weekends. I wanted someone familiar; someone I felt comfortable with. I was afraid of exploring this new path I was taking towards deepening my faith with a complete stranger delivering the lectures. Just when I thought I had it all figured out (which date and time of service to attend), I found someone else capturing my attention completely. I had to open myself up to learning from a lot of persons rather than from a select few.

It’s normal to want to shy away from things that we are not comfortable with. Sometimes though, we are made to face them when we do not want to because it’s what we need.

beautiful beauty blur close up
Photo by Pixabay on



Just Baked: White Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Cookies

“Count your cookies, not your problems.” ― Cookie Monster, The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster’s Guide to Life

I recently bought a pack of dried cranberries to put on my salad. After tiring of eating salad for a week, I wanted to do something else with my remaining cranberries. So, on a recent trip to the grocery, I bought a pack of white chocolate chips to try to make one of my favorite cookies from Starbucks—white chocolate chips and cranberry cookies.

It’s not the first time I made these cookies but I could not find the recipe I used before. I then searched for a new one and came across the recipe from Diane Abed from AllRecipes. The only thing I didn’t have in her list of ingredients was the brandy. I decided to just use vanilla because I was going to bring the cookies to work and one of my colleagues is pregnant. I have no idea if one tablespoon of brandy mixed in cookie dough and baked off will have any effect on her but I didn’t want to risk it.

When I make cookies, I normally use salted butter for extra flavor. When I made these cookies, I only had unsalted butter. So, I decided to add ½ teaspoon of fine salt just to help with the flavor.

img_7818.jpgThe recipe was easy to make with or without an electric hand mixer. I did use one because I got used to it already. I think it only took me 10 minutes to whip the first batch. With the size of my cookie scoop, I wasn’t sure if I was indeed going to yield 24 cookies or more. However, I whipped up 24 cookies just like the recipe said so I whipped up another batch.

This is the most vanilla I used on a cookie. One tablespoon! That’s why when I was baking the cookies, the whole house smelled wonderfully of vanilla.

I did not flatten the cookies after scooping them on the baking sheet because I thought they were going to spread. However, that wasn’t the case. They only spread very little so I ended up with small, thick cookies. That meant a they took a little longer to bake completely though. Maybe 13 to 14 minutes instead of just 10 minutes.


They were so delicate after getting out of the oven so I gently took them out to place on a cooling rack. I did not want the cookies to steam and be soggy by letting them cool on the tray they baked on. Also, I had to use the tray again to prepare my next batch of cookies for baking.

All in all, I made four dozens of cookies! Half of them I brought to work for my colleagues to enjoy. They have known for quite some time that I bake on weekends and they were requesting I let them taste what I make. I got positive feedback and there were those who went for seconds.


They were moist on the inside and a little chewy because of the cranberries. The white chocolate really goes well with the tartness of the fruit. No wonder it’s my favorite fruit and chocolate combination! Not that white chocolate can be considered as “real chocolate,” but you know what I mean.

Try out Diane’s recipe. I am sure you and the people you’ll gift the cookies to will enjoy them!

Mozzareally Good

“Life is great. Cheese makes it better.” ― Avery Aames, The Long Quiche Goodbye

I mentioned in my last post that I was forbidden to eat cheese, except for mozzarella, because aged cheeses can contribute to migraine. I was sad about it because I really love cheese. But since mozzarella was still allowed, I was comforted since I could still enjoy my favorite cheese snack. Mozzarella cheese sticks!

My first try of this treat was at Marciano’s in Greenbelt, Makati maybe more than eight years ago. The outside was crispy and golden. Inside, it was heavenly! I loved it so much that I started looking for other places that sold mozzarella cheese sticks after Marciano’s closed shop.

I discovered Fried Mozzarella by The Tea Republic back when I would fetch my sister from her work to bring her to her PT sessions. She had an MPFL reconstruction surgery at that time and she needed to regain her full use of her leg. The restaurant was situated at the ground floor of the building where she used to go to work. Their version of the mozzarella stick was also very yummy and I loved the salsa that went with it.

I have long decided I will make my own version at home. So, I searched for YouTube videos on how to do it. On the day I finally decided to make my favorite snack, I decided to just wing the recipe but follow the concept:

  1. Slice the mozzarella into sticks,
  2. Dredge the sticks in flour
  3. Dunk into beaten egg
  4. Roll into seasoned breadcrumbs
  5. Back to the beaten egg
  6. Roll again in seasoned breadcrumbs
  7. Freeze until very hard
  8. Deep fry until golden brown

For my attempt, I just seasoned my breadcrumbs with salt, white pepper and basil leaves. I froze the sticks overnight because I had to leave for work already after I prepared them.

Because I did not have a narrow but deep frying pan, I had to use more oil than necessary. I also had to flip the cheese sticks so the other side will also cook and brown. I had a few leaks because the cheese was melting faster than the coating was browning.

Regardless, I finally made my own favorite cheese treat!

I paired it with my favorite Tostitos Chunky Salsa for a little bit of heat.

I know I was taught not to play with my food but I tried splitting one stick in half and checking how long the cheese was going to stretch. That’s the best part of it all!

The Song That Tells Your Life

“I think there is a song out there to describe just about any situation.” -Criss Jami, Killosophy

If someone told me a year ago that there was a song that described exactly how I was feeling and also said exactly what I needed to hear, I would have been so grateful.

Just a few weeks ago, my colleague recommended a song when I asked him (out of the blue) what nice songs could I include in my Spotify playlist. After listening to it, I was taken back to the days I could have related so deeply to the song. Regardless, I could still relate to it while realizing how far I have already gone from the feelings that would have made me cry while listening. That song is Take it One Day at a Time by Jennifer Chung. And, it described exactly how I was feeling a year ago–without a purpose.

I was alive but I didn’t feel like I was living in the moment. It was like I was watching life take place and play in front of me like a movie. I felt like an audience to the movie of my life and I did not have the slightest bit of enthusiasm to be the actor instead.

I was at my lowest point at that time. I was recovering from months of daily migraine, I was dissatisfied at work and I was questioning everything that I had to go through. I bloody wanted a day off from the whole world!

But, the song could have also told me what I needed that time. That I should not ignore what I was feeling but also that I could heal from it.

I think it happens even to the best of us. We will feel so down and lethargic. We would feel we’re not appreciated and the world will gladly keep going even without us. But if we could be kinder to ourselves and do what we must to get rid of these that weigh us down, we can be alright. Even more that alright.

Anyway, here’s the music video of that beautiful song:


I know it hurts.

Don’t wanna get out of bed.

Much rather lay there instead.

Instead, you face what you fear –

The thought that no one is near.

It hurts.

You’re living but don’t feel alive.

No motivation or drive,

As you search for answers to why,

Oh, why.

Why me?

Won’t somebody please,

Take my burdens away.

I can’t do this today.

You’ve got to hold on.

Hold onto what you believe in.

Weather through every season.

Take it one day at a time.

You’ve got to hold on.

Don’t put aside what you’re feeling.

There is a process of healing.

You will be more than alright.

Take it one day at a time.

So overwhelming.

Everyone’s counting on you.

Unaware you need help too.

But you don’t say a word,

Too much work to be done.

No fun.

Go through the motions eyes closed.

‘Cause you’re always doing the most.

But the more that you do,

The more you seem to lose.

Why me?

Won’t somebody please,

Take my burdens away.

I can’t do this today.

You’ve got to hold on.

Hold onto what you believe in.

Weather through every season.

Take it one day at a time.

You’ve got to hold on.

Don’t put aside what you’re feeling.

There is a process of healing.

You will be more than alright.

Take it one day at a –

Time after time,

I have tried hard to fight against all my desires.

I would swallow my pride,

But I know I am called to live free and fulfilled.

No, it will not be easy,

But I will be still.

I will be still.

I will be still and know.

You’ve got to hold on.

Don’t put aside what you’re feeling.

There is a process of healing.

You will be more than alright.

Take it one day at a time.