Bends and Twists

“Your mind is a key, and whatever it unlocks, the greatest treasure of all.” -Michael Bassey Johnson

After joining the workshop on caging crystals, I got hooked on making accessories. I promised myself to buy materials and tools so I could busy myself with making baubles, putting into practice what I have learned.

I made a trip to Wellmanson Beads and Accessories in Quiapo, very near the Quiapo Church, in my search for tools, wires, and charms. I did not expect to be overwhelmed by how many awesome items they had in the store! There were rows and rows of beads, chains, gauge wires, and so many more!

The items I got from this store include my wire cutter, round nose pliers and long nose pliers that I think were only around ₱60-₱70 each! I also got wires, some chains, jump rings and lobster claw locks and a string of rose quartz beads.

Outside the store, along Villalobos Street, there were tons of other stores that sold beads, chains, charms and stones for making accessories. One of them was DIY Beads.

If you thought the beads and charms selection from Wellmanson was overwhelming already, this store was even more so! I was not able to snap a pic because I was so busy looking at stuff to buy!

I got a string each of carnelian, moonstone and rhodorite. I am no gemologist and cannot attest to the authenticity of these stones. All I know is that they are super pretty to look at!

Since I was not satisfied yet, I went to a couple more stores until I found one that sold some heart-shaped cherry quartz. Again, I do not know if these are real but I truly hope so.

Once home and have had my lunch, I immediately went ahead to play with my purchases! I ended up making keychains for everyone in my team at work. I also made some pendants to wear.Making accessories has helped me lately because my insomnia has come back, allowing me only three hours of sleep instead of my normal six to seven hours. By the time my hands were tired, I was ready to doze off.

I realized that I forgot to get gold-colored gauge wires so I searched online to buy. I ended up buying from PlanetAccessory over Shopee. From that shop, I also got a few more charms, and strings of black onyx, ruby, jade and amazonite beads.

Because of the heavy rains, I had to wait for about half a week to get my hands on my orders. By this time, I have found lots of ideas on Pinterest on designs to re-create and tips to be better at making wired jewelry. I am so glad that there are lots of DIY guides that could be found there!

I could not sleep at all last night (again) and so,I busied myself making a few more accessories. Most of them were rings.

In my attempt to be better at bending and twisting wires, I cut myself in the process. Thankfully it was just small. I wrapped the wound with a plaster and went back to wringing the hell out of my wires.

By the time I knew it, it was sunrise already. My fingertips were aching and I think I grew callouses in the process.

I realized how quickly time passed by when I busied myself with making trinkets. My mind went on laser focus mode and did not have space for worries and anxieties. I found the activity truly realxing (except for when I scratched of cut myself).

On the other hand, I realized how I could not entirely make the wires bend to how I want them to at all times. Sometimes, they have a will of their own and would want to bend to a different direction than what I had planned. Forcing the wire sometimes meant making dents or marks that I could not straighten anymore. I had to work with them not against them.

I also found out that my ring finger is of the same circumference as a Vicks Inhaler. I did not have a ring sizer or ring mandrel (costs a lot!!!) on hand so the inhaler was such a huge help to me when I made rings. I guess having caught a flu recently had its perks.

I plan to grow my collection of semi-precious stones. I also need to buy them not in these round form, but in irregular shapes for added charm. I already got myself an organizer from Daiso that will allow me to keep them in containers that are so cute! I think I will need to buy some more!

I hope to greatly improve my creativity and hand dexterity so I can make beautiful accessories. For now, I shall be browsing my Pinterest for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Bends and Twists

  1. I’m obsessed with this kinda stuff! Making stuff that you can buy too, I don’t know why though😁 it’s fun😂


      1. No… I haven’t😥 I used to do this when I was young but then i kinda stopped. But when I do it again, I will share☺ till then, I’ll just amuse myself with your aweosme work!!😁

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yea, insomnia is pretty much part of my life already. Funny though, when I was in Mom’s womb, she said I rarely moved and kicked and just kept sleeping. Once out in the world, it’s so difficult to make me sleep. Hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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