A Bottle of Happiness

I love bottles. I love jars. I don’t know why. When we go to the household section of a mall, I always look for the rows of bottles and jars. It’s not like I buy one every single time, but I like looking at those stuff. The crazier and the smaller, the more I feel like a toddler given a teddy bear. Plastic is mmmmmkay; glass is perfect.

Sometimes, I would look at them and think of what I can put inside, trying to find justification should I decide to buy one. When I started baking, I thought a cookie jar would be cool so I have a nicer way of presenting the cookies I bake and bring my colleagues. I figured that cookies looked more appetizing in a proper container. I still haven’t gotten one, thank God.

I wonder why I like these little containers so much when I suck at organizing. Sometimes, I tease my mom that I used to be a mambobote in my past life. In my native tongue, bote/botelya means bottle. A mambobote is a junk collector who goes around collecting empty bottles and old newspapers to sell them to the junkshop.

Some bottles can be so adorable at times that I buy not for the sake of the contents, but for the packaging.

Sometimes, I buy stuff because I was after the freebie. In one instance, I got an earful from my mom for buying a huge box of artificial sugar substitute because I was after the mini mason jar/mug that came with it. I now use the jar for my instant yeast for breadmaking.

Sometimes, I encourage Mom to get stuff I am not sure I even like or will like because they were in cute containers. Recently, I supported her wish to try an apple chutney because the jar it was in was too adorable.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a hoarder yet. I cannot even consider myself a collector. Ican still exercise self control when I know I will have no use for the stuff eventually. Still, I wonder why I like these stuff.

Is it because I tend to bottle up my feelings? Does it tell me I feel empty inside? Hmmmm…

I like to think that I just view an empty bottle or jar as a sign of all the space there is for possibilities and creativity. That being said, I saw these cute bottles in the shape of a lightbulb from a brand called Kasa Ko (translates to “my house”). It made me want to go on a bartending/cocktail mixing workshop so I can fill them up with colorful drinks that I can pretend to be potions. My inner witch was excited upon seeing them, hihihi…

I wonder if I was a genie before and lived in a bottle or a lamp. That might be another explanation! Hahaha…

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