Hong Kong – September 2018 (Part 3 – Shopping)

As expensive as Hong Kong may be, it can actually be a nice place to go shopping.

On my second day of visit, Trixie and I went to Times Square in Causeway Bay to shop and find stuff to send to her boyfriend who’s currently studying abroad.

Our first stop in Times Square was the Apple Store. I was shocked at how packed the place was. It was as if there was a celebrity having a meet-and-greet that time.


The staff who attend Trixie as she bought her AirPods were very nice and thorough as they explained to her everything she needed to know about usage, charging time, warranties, and what to do should she lose one from the pair. They were very efficient too as there was no need to fall in line to pay at a counter. They handle the sale right where you stand.

img_9030Our next stop at Times Square was LOG-ON. It’s a brand under the City Super Group that focuses on trendy items from stationery, beauty and wellness products, and gadgets like Fitbit. I love this place because of its adorable setup and super cute products that I cannot find in National Book Store or at Fully Booked.

Here, Trixie got herself a new Fitbit. I do not remember which type it was, but it’s the kind that has a heart rate monitor or something like that. She also got herself a Klean Kanteen insulated bottle because the one I bought for her in the Philippines turned out to be meant for her boyfie (insert rolling eyes here).

If you’re planning to buy Klean Kanteen products, it’s a little bit cheaper in the Philippines.

Our next stop was at city’super, another brand under City Super Group. This one’s kind of like their grocery/household department store. I like going to the household stuff area because they carry so many products that I wish I can get for our kitchen.

Here, I was able to get Mom the omelet pan she’s been looking for. She’s trying her hands at bento making and I think the omelet pan is needed for some of the designs she wants to go for.

For myself, I got this silicon pastry mat for my baking activities. Can’t wait to try making pies and more types of bread!

That was just one day of shopping and we already bought a lot of stuff!

If you like pretty trinkets, I suggest visiting Joe’s Creation. It’s like Broadway Gems but with better quality products and classier designs. If we weren’t on a budget, I bet I bought a piece of every single design of hair accessory there!

Processed with MOLDIV

If you want to buy cosmetics and beauty products, just very close to Time Square are plenty of shops like Etude House and Innisfree. Personally though, I like going to Sasa.

Every time I go to Hong Kong, I try to go to a Sasa store to buy my The Saem or Innisfree oil control powders. This time though, my purpose for going was for the mini perfume samplers because I promised my awesome office buddy and friend, Karen, that I will get her an Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume.

What was actually a search for one perfume bottle turned into buying a couple other perfumes. We fell in love with the Salvatorre Ferregamo perfumes so Trixie bought a few bottles for each of us.


The tiny size is perfect for me because I have commitment issues with perfumes. I get tired of a scent too easily and so it takes me one year to use up a 50ml bottle. These tiny babies allow me to consume one before getting tired of the scent.

If you are after nuts and chocolate that are not very expensive, PrizeMart is the way to go. I was able to get a big bag of pecans for a cheaper price than if I bought them at the baking supplies store I frequent here. I was also able to get cured pork for my office mates.

Some of the stuff I saw at PrizeMart were Merci chocolates, M&Ms, shortbread cookies, pineapple cakes, a huge range of nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.), laver, Bonne Maman fruit preserves/jam (almost Php 100 cheaper than in the Philippines) and so much more!

If you’re after Asian snacks, Ameyokocho is a good place to find them. I personally love the cheese puff sticks with the Doraemon packaging design. I wish I got ten packs instead of just one.

If you think you’re done shopping by the time you get to the airport, you’re very, very wrong. Hong Kong International Airport has dozens of stores for shopping at the last minute. Among my favorites are those that sell cookies and other treats in very cute packaging like Okashi Land, Kee Was Bakery, and Wing Wah.

The best thing I noticed in Hong Kong was that they do not fail to ensure they have awesome packaging for their goods. Even the packaging counts as gift already. It just goes to show that even though stuff are expensive in Hong Kong, they make sure every bit of what you get is worth it.

Treats from Wing Was. To be honest, I was more after the packaging than the contents. πŸ˜€

Across the Wing Wah stall near the immigration entrance was a shop called Homeless > HKG. Despite the name, it’s filled with pretty stuff that I can only wish to decorate and fill my house with! There were so many things to look at I did not know where to start!

I want that Hello Kitty and that bunny night lights!

They have adorable decors for the young-at-heart like wall clocks. They remind me of the clock that my Mom bought for me when I was a little girl just so I will stop calling my aunt very early in the morning. I did it because I wanted to hear the sound her clock made when long hand hit twelve.

The pug’s eyes move from left to right.

If you are an old soul and prefer vintage designs, they got some for you as well.

img_9438The best part of this shop is the hot water bottle that my sister bought for me as a gift. Awww… That’s my sister. She does not shower you with hugs and kisses, but she showers you with gifts.

Aside from the very sweet and cute design, what I like about this hot pack is that the rubber water holder is kept inside this owl pack that’s made of fleece. Being someone who is sensitive to anything hot, I do not have to worry anymore about burning myself when I need to have the hot pack.

I am pretty sure there are loads of other awesome shops that I have not been to. I am so excited for March next year because I’ll be back to Hong Kong, this time, with my former office mates! Must save up and plan the places we’ll visit so we can get the most out of our trip!

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