Getting New Glasses

“Looking but not seeing is the hearing but not understanding of the eye.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Before knowing my eyes are weak, I was in second grade. One day, the writings on the blackboard were just too blurry for me to understand. I always had to sit on the floor in front, very close to the board, so I could take down notes. Some days, I had terrible headaches that had me throwing up and dizzy.

I was eight when I learned I have weak eyes, mainly because of genetics.  On top of that, I had astigmatism too, which explained the dizziness and vomiting. I didn’t like to wear my glasses which had frames that were round. They were like Harry Potter’s, except that I didn’t know Harry Potter existed yet at that time and the movies were not out until I was ten. Else, I might not have disliked my glasses that much.

I started at -0.50, I think, and some level of astigmatism. Almost twenty years later, my right eye’s at -5.25 while my left is at -5.50. No astigmatism. However, it’s been tough seeing in the dark as I may have some mild kind of night-blindness. It’s self-diagnosed so I cannot say for certain, haha. All I know is in the dark, I am freaking blind.

The rate by which my vision worsens has tremendously decreased over the last five years. Before, I had to change my glasses every year and that was very expensive. My astigmatism came and went. When I had it, getting eyeglasses was even more expensive because I had to pay extra for “special” lenses.

Been wearing this since 2016 because my old pair broke in half due to age. It was a rush purchase on a very limited budget. This always falls of my face when I look down or bow down.

For the past four years, my eye doctor has been Dr. Richard Nepomuceno from Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute. My sister recommended him after her successful PRK procedure that brought her vision back from -7.50. If you want to read about her experience with Dr. Richard and the procedure, click here. Trust us. He’s an amazing doctor.

For the first time, I tried getting my glasses from OWNDAYS. Originally from Japan, this optical shop attracted me because of the gorgeous frames on display that one can try on without having to ask for assistance from the staff. Typical optical shops would hide the frames in glass display cabinets and you will have a hard time pointing exactly which frame you wanted to try on.

The other thing that attracted me to the shop is that OWNDAYS is able to give you your new spectacles in twenty minutes! Other optical shops will make you come back the following day or the day after that before you can go home with your purchase. Some can work on your glasses within the day but they take hours to do it. That can be too much of a hassle when you have no spare glasses to use in the meantime.

The best part, though, is that whatever price tag is on the frame, it’s already inclusive of the clear, ultra-thin lenses with UV protection and soil-resistant coating. Plus, their FAQs page says there’s no additional charge for astigmatism correction. Yippee! Although, they will give you an option to get their more expensive lenses with sort of a brownish tint that has higher protection for those who frequently use computers. I didn’t get that anymore because I was being stingy. Haha…

I used the prescription from my doctor so, they made me sign a waiver that I instructed them to use that prescription. You see, part of their services is getting your eye grade right there in their shop.


Anyway, except for the fact that a staff member kept on tailing me every time I moved around the shop (I hate it when sales peep do that!), they were very accommodating and very thorough in their explanations of the warranties, after-sales services and some FAQs. There was no mild pressuring on you to buy a more expensive pair, which, I also hate having to deal with.

My new glasses came with a white, sturdy case that feels satiny on the outside. Inside is black velvet, I think, and a wiping cloth for the lenses. The design of the case is so minimalistic, sleek, and chic! I love it so much!img_9428

They also gave me a Php 500 discount coupon that is valid for one year from the date of my purchase. It can be used to discount any Php 2,990 and up worth of prescription glasses purchase. It is transferrable so that a friend or family member can get their pair and have the same amazing experience as you without being too hard on the wallet.

Currently, I am saving up for my own refractive surgery. I might have it in a year or two. I will also have Dr. Richard restore my vision as he has become our trusted eye doctor over the years. My sister and I, including our mom, go to him for our eye check ups and we’ve established a good patient-doctor relationship with him already. Until then, I shall be wearing my glasses and making sure I do not lose them because it’s tough having a blurry world.

Please do check out Dr. Richard Nepomuceno’s clinic at Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute and OWNDAYS for your eye care needs.

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