Just Tried: i Darts DASH

“It’s a form of mental and verbal gymnastics, and one of the things that appeals to me most about commenting on darts is that no one knows exactly what I’m going to come out with next – and neither do I.” -Sid Waddell

Feels like I haven’t written for ages! I neglected my blog for a couple of weeks already and must get back on the habit of writing. Also, I can see that I have much catching up to do in terms of reading the posts of people I follow. I will try to go through their posts as soon as I get this post up. I am excited for what I will be reading about!

I have to admit that the last few weeks were tough on me. I was not sleeping very well. When I did find myself sleeping, I was plagued with dreams of people trying to kill me and, at one time, of a narcotics junkie I was trying to kill. I was going through my day feeling like a zombie, a tad irritable, and heavily demotivated. It was so bad that I even stopped going to my yoga classes.

The culprit? I think it was the birth control pills I was taking to regulate my period. My hormones went craaaaaazy! Damn you, PCOS, for having to put me through all of this!

Anyway, before I almost hit rock bottom, my very awesome friends came to the rescue (but, to be honest, they didn’t know what I was going through that time) by planning a night out at i Darts DASH in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It’s the first electronic darts bar in the Philippines that is a franchise of the internationally known i Darts. Already present in different places like Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico and Singapore, I am delighted that it’s already in my country too.


For an easier time finding this place, just look for the Uniqlo store at 7th Ave. cor 30th Street. Yup, just go inside the Uniqlo store and use the escalator to go up to the top most level/floor.

IMG_9556Inside, it kinda felt like a fusion of a pub and an arcade, except that you can only play darts. I wasn’t able to count how many machines there were but they were enough for a lot of people to have a hell of a good time.

Each machine can allow four players and there are different types of games that you can play. Each game will cost one credit per player. Only one reloadable card is needed for all four players to play.

Ten credits cost Php 300 while 25 credits cost Php 600. That is quite a steal already because each game will usually be around 8 rounds per player, throwing 3 darts per round. Believe me, you will not want to use up all the 25 credits because you’ll be exhausted already midway.

We played three different games. The first one aimed to reach the highest score. The second one aimed to be the first to reach zero from 501. The third one, my favorite, was a group effort game where you have to kill zombies by scoring high.

I tremendously enjoyed the zombie game because there were side challenges apart from simply killing off the ugly zombies. When we managed finishing the entire game, one of the instructors told us that most groups only lasted midway. Our group even kept getting additional lives! Hurray!!!

So, what are my thoughts about darts? It was my first time to play and I only hit one bull’s eye the whole night. Also, I had no idea what exactly to do so I just kept throwing and throwing, hoping to hit spots that will give me high points. I think it’s more of a muscle memory thing where you know already which height, angle, and level of force will make you hit your target spots.

Did I have fun? Hell, yeah! Actually, I think not knowing where my darts will land was part of the fun. Plus, the zombie game got us cheering for one another and feeling proud when we gain yet another extra life. This will make a fun team building activity, to be honest.

Enough about the game. Let’s talk about the food!

Please don’t expect set meals here. The food are basically snack foods, most of which are awesome to have with alcoholic drinks. They’re kinda pricey, to be honest, but tasted really good.

img_9562Our first orders were the naked nachos (with chili beef) and the chicken karaage.

The chicken karaage’s serving was like, pfffft, but they were so yummy! The chicken was tender and the dips (barbeque and honey mustard) went really well with whatever breading/coating they put on the chicken. I just wish it came in a bigger serving size for its price.

The naked nachos, on the other hand, put my favorite Nacho King to shame. The chili beef was not that spicy (which I love!!!). I could taste a bit of cumin (which I hate!!!) but the amount they put in was not enough to offend my taste buds completely. I suggest digging for the nachos at the bottom first because they have no cheese or toppings, whatsoever.

We also ordered margherita pizza but we were not able to take a picture because we devoured it right away. Enough to serve three people, the pizza crust was not too thin, but not too thick either. I do not know what kind of magic they put on the tomato sauce, cheese and basil (the only ingredients of the pizza) but I loved the pizza very much.

To go with the tower of draft beer that we ordered, we chose to have the street food platter. We fondly called it the “high-street food platter” because of the price and because of the proximity of Bonifacio High Street to where we were.


I loved everything except for squid balls. There was simply something off that night and it wasn’t sitting well with me. I went for the kikiam though because that’s my favorite street food. We had two orders of this platter.

My most favorite of all, however, was the lemon pepper chicken skin. We ordered 2 sets again because of the serving size. My golly, it was sooooooooooo good! The chicken skin was so crispy and the amount of pepper used was perfect. And the lemon taste? Heavenly!

Oh, diet, forgive me for forgetting about you again. I just hope my cholesterol levels won’t be shooting way beyond normal because of all the food we had.


Thank God the food was awesome because the mild draft beer tower we ordered didn’t meet my expectations. It was so mild that it tasted like beer-flavored soda. We weren’t looking to get drunk that night but Php 1,600 felt too expensive for the kind of beer tower we got. I wish we spent on other drinks instead.

The staff at i Darts DASH were courteous and accommodating. We found it amusing that they were obsessing over making sure our draft beer tower had lights and even they even got fresh batteries to use. They were also patient when they taught us how to play darts and they were also cheering us on when we manage to score high.

The best part of this night was spending time with my friends and former colleagues. I miss them so much even though I do not miss my previous work. Two of us already left for new jobs. I just hope that no matter where life brings us, we will always manage to make time to have as much fun as we did on this day.


3 thoughts on “Just Tried: i Darts DASH

  1. That looks tasty! I wonder when we’ll get an iDarts in America?
    Also, birth control pills ALWAYS have side effects for me. I even had one that immediately made me dizzy and (for some reason) made my foot itch! I never could stay on one because of the effects. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You might have a place similar to iDarts. As to birth control, yeah… they suck big time. One time, I was just so hungry! No amount of eating satisfied me. And it wasn’t craving. It really was tummy-grumbling hunger!

      Liked by 1 person

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