2019 Trip to Hong Kong: WiFi Rental and Bus Ride

img_2859So you’re finally in Hong Kong. The internet connection from the airport’s WiFi service is superb! You already have your Octopus card loaded and may have had taken your first meal at the airport.

You suddenly realize that you need an internet connection when you leave so you can use apps on your phone like those for maps. However, getting a local SIM card is not possible because your phone is locked to accept only SIM cards from your service provider in your country. What do you do?

Rent a portable WiFi device from the airport!

Truthfully, I already anticipated the need to get one as soon as I booked my flight to Hong Kong. With the help of Klook, I was able to get a list of packages that I could avail to get internet connection in HK. There were some I can have delivered to me in Manila, but there were some that I can just pick up from HKIA. I opted to go for the latter because I did not want to have to worry if I was going to get my device on time before I flew to HK. Also, the ones for pick up at HKIA were cheaper.

img_2824I settled for the package from Song WiFi. The package I got was only for a total of Php 696 for 4 days (Php 174 per day)! With coverage area spanning Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, this device that allowed up to five other devices to connect to it to make use of its unlimited data (at 4G speed) was a steal! The best part? There are no deposits required, allowing you to use all your available funds for your adventures!

The type of kit I got came with a protective case to keep together all the items for our seamless WiFi experience. We got the WiFi device, a charging cable, an adapter, and the USB charging hub that allowed four gadgets to be charged simultaneously.

If I had known, I would not have bought a travel adapter before my flight and could have saved Php 200 in the process. Oh well, at least I know now that renting from Song WiFi saves me a lot of worries other than just having an internet connection.

img_2858The battery did not drain fast and we had a fast and reliable internet connection throughout our travel. I did notice its service becoming sporadic in some parts of Disneyland (particularly in Adventure Land). Thankfully, Disneyland has awesome free WiFi service so I turned off this device and used it again when we were going home already.

You can pick up your device from Counter A05 at the Arrival Hall A of Terminal 1. The personnel at the counter were nice and the lady assigned to us taught us how to use the device. We had to wait ten minutes for the device to be useable. I think they still had to activate it or something. For more details, you may check out Klook or Song WiFi’s global website.

Now that we had our business done at the airport, we went to look for the airport bus terminal to get roundtrip bus tickets from Cityflyer. The roundtrip tickets cost only HKD55 (roughly Php 358). img_3131If we took the Airport Express Train, the roundtrip cost would have been HKD 185 (roughly Php 1,203). If we booked via Klook, we could have gotten it at just Php 804. Still, the bus was the cheapest deal. I also wanted Jana to experience riding the upper deck of the airport bus.

When you get your tickets, make sure to split the ticket in half, ripping along the perforated lines. DO NOT lose your return ticket so keep it secure in your wallet or cellphone case. When you ride the bus, just drop it at the designated coin and ticket collection box near the driver’s seat.

After dropping our tickets, we placed our luggage on the designated area and went up to the upper deck of the bus. I made sure to sit where we could see the monitor with a view of your luggage.

It’s pretty safe in Hong Kong. The monitor just allows you to see whether your luggage has toppled over or if someone accidentally picked yours up by mistake. I did not have to stay glued to the screen as I felt pretty much secure that our bags and suitcases will not be lost.

By the way, the best route to take when going to Kowloon is the A21 bus route. Still, kindly research your destination to know the best bus route to take. I just happened to read that the A21 bus will allow you to see more attractions along the way once you have entered Kowloon.

img_2849On the way back to the airport, we had to line up and wait for another A21 bus. Unfortunately, the bus was already full (seats and luggage compartment). So, we had to just support our suitcases on our own.

Jana, amazing as usual with her superb balancing skills, sat on top of her suitcase. Despite the wild rollercoaster ride to the airport (the driver drove like he was in such a hurry), she was very much at ease in her spot. I, on the other hand, had to hold on to the posts, with one hand holding another person’s suitcase handle to keep it from toppling over and sending the small suitcases flying to the other passengers.

The rides from and to the airport both took around 30 to 40 minutes. Not bad. If we took the train, we would have paid much higher for a much quicker ride. Since we were not in such a hurry, I still think taking the bus was a good choice. Maybe, next time, we’ll just try to find a less full bus to the airport.

That’s it for WiFi and airport bus experiences! Please stay tuned for more of our adventures in Hong Kong this year.

If you want to learn more about the airport bus routes, you may want to visit the Citybus website. They also have an app that you can download from the App Store or from Google Play. The app is very convenient as it can help you find not only the best airport bus route but also bus routes throughout Hong Kong. It can also give you the estimated arrival time of the next bus and can suggest what buses to take by just typing in your location and destination.

If you want to read more on my previous travels to Hong Kong, please click here.

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