2019 Trip to Hong Kong: Harbour Hotel Mong Kok

Hong Kong is not cheap. I did not realize it much until I was trying to find a hotel for Jana and me to stay in.

In all of my previous travels to Hong Kong, I never had to worry about accommodations. My sister took care of that part. I mostly stayed with her in her apartment, but there was a time when Mom and I stayed at a hotel because we would not fit in my sister’s home.

I can be a very picky person when it comes to hotels. You see, in my previous job as an auditor for a bank, I traveled all over my country and had to stay in hotels whenever I was assigned outside the metro. I have seen my fair share of hotels and their services. I can say that as much as I do not mind the size of the room and how hard (or how soft) the mattresses they used for the beds are, I am very particular that the bathroom is sparkling clean. I also need enough space to open my luggage without them touching the bed. That’s pretty much it.

That being said, I was so stressed out when I was looking for places to stay. You see, hotels within our initial budget (around Php 2,500) look so small for two people with suitcases to fit in. For the most part, there are no bidets in the toilet and (the worst part for me) the showers are in the same area as the toilet. I almost begged Jana to increase our hotel budget so we can afford one where the shower has a separate section from the toilet. It did not have to have glass doors. A shower curtain was fine already.

After adjusting the cost range, I came across the t Harbour Hotel in Agoda. It was the only hotel I saw pictures of showing a separate shower section in the bathroom. Priced at around Php 3,600, the hotel was located close to the Ladies Market and close to the Mong Kok MTR Station. It was also close to Nathan Road where most of the bus stops are located.

Harbour Hotel Twin Room Bathroom
Photo obtained from Harbour Hotel’s page in Agoda at https://www.agoda.com/harbour-hotel/hotel/hong-kong-hk.html?cid=-218

The rooms looked nice. Of course, the space was still not as huge as hotels in the Philippines at a similar price. Oh well, we pay Hong Kong price for Hong Kong hotels.

When you ride the A21 airport bus to Hung Hom Station, there are two ways you can reach the hotel. You can either alight at the Bank Centre or at Sino Centre.

Bank Centre Route

If you alight at Bank Centre, cross to the other side of Nathan Road. You will pass by Portland Street, which I read online is a red light district. This is the reason I did not opt for us to alight here. However, it is closer to the hotel than the Sino Centre route.Bank Centre to Harbour Hotel

Sino Centre Route

Despite looking like you have to take too many turns, after crossing, just go straight towards Soy Street. You do not have to go through Changsha Street just to get to Soy Street. Just trust me and go straight. Turn left at the alley that leads to the wider Soy Street.

If you choose this route, you will be passing by hardware stores. I felt like it would creep me out to pass by here at night when the stores have closed.

Sino Centre to Harbour Hotel

img_1718We were too early for checking in so, we had to leave our bags and go back when it’s already past 2PM. We had no trouble with the online reservation, but we did have to pay HKD 200 in cash as deposit. I have anticipated this already after reading the reviews online. With all of the registration settled, we had our lunch and headed to Wong Tai Sin to visit the Sik Sik Yuen Temple.

At night, we opted to pass by the Bank Centre route after exiting at the Langham Place exit of the Mong Kok MTR Station. The whole area was bright due to the shops and restaurants along the road. It felt safer to go home at night through this route. I could not understand why a previous reviewer said it was not safe to pass by here at night just because of Portland Street. Oh well, to each his own.

The first thing I asked to be checked when we finally went to our room was the bathroom. Yes! Separate shower area! Yippee!!!

We had lots of freebies in the bathroom and there were towels for us to use. As expected, no bidet for toilet use so, we had to improvise. I am a Filipino. Tissue paper will never be sufficient for me when I go number 2. Hahaha…

Anyway, bathroom stuff aside, the space was small but enough for us to still move around and unpack. There was a small mirrored cabinet where we could hang our jackets and where they kept the hair dryer. We also had a desk where they placed two water bottles, teacups and saucers, free coffee and an electric kettle. The desk had two drawers that I was also able to use as storage for the stuff I brought for my sister until she could get them on Sunday morning.

I was not able to take a picture of the room and the beds because of excitement. However, we were assigned Room 405 and the room kind of look like this picture below, also taken from their Agoda page.

Harbour Hotel Twin Room Bathroom
Photo obtained from Harbour Hotel’s page in Agoda at https://www.agoda.com/harbour-hotel/hotel/hong-kong-hk.html?cid=-218

A lot of people comment in Agoda that Hong Kong’s hotel beds are hard. I think it’s a common thing there because even the bed in my sister’s apartment is hard. Heck! Even her couch was hard! I think I read somewhere that the purpose of those hard beds is for your spine’s health. Seriously though, when you’re tired from all your adventures, you will fall asleep regardless. Your back may be sore when you wake up after the first night, but you’ll get used to it.

All in all, our stay was comfortable. There was no noise at night, but there was construction going on nearby. On Saturday morning, we were awakened by machine noise at 8 am. It wasn’t so bad because it kind of served as a stronger alarm clock, telling us to get ready for our Disneyland trip that day.

The hotel staff had very nice people, so we had no complaints. They were courteous to us and were patient with us when we had questions or requests. One of them even taught us where the A21 bus stop was so we could ride to the airport.

In case you are wondering where the closest A21 bus stop (going to the airport) is, the hotel has a guide on its website and they have a business card with the map at the back. So helpful!


I truly recommend this place!

P.S. I love their elevator that you can use as a mirror. Your reflection there is even brighter and clearer than your future! 😀


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