2019 Trip to Hong Kong: Going to Disneyland

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” 
― Walt Disney

When my sister was in her first job, she made me promise to take my studies seriously. In return, she promised to bring me to Hong Kong Disneyland because she enjoyed it when she first when there. I think she was about sixteen at that time. That promise finally came to life in December of 2017. However, it was a disappointment. Rather, I was a disappointment.


I work on a mid-shift from 3:00 PM to 12:00 MN. Our flight to Hong Kong was at 7:00 in the morning. From work, I was not able to sleep before needing to go to the airport and arrive three hours before our flight. So, when we got to Disneyland at around noon on that same day, I was so exhausted. I only got to enjoy the Festival of the Lion King show. We just ate lunch and walked around. We did manage to see the afternoon parade, but we just walked and walk around before deciding to just go back to the hotel and rest.

I promised myself I will do all that I can to ensure I will enjoy Disneyland. That being said, I made it a point to schedule our trip there on our second day in Hong Kong and before we go to Ocean Park. My sister told me that Ocean Park is bigger and will involve a lot more walking so it’s best to go to Disneyland before going to Ocean Park.

Tickets to Disneyland

7475370679004204604_img_1557We booked our tickets via Klook for PHP 3,700. We just presented our voucher to the personnel at the turnstiles and got in without any hassle. We were given ticket stubs in exchange.

You may wish to explore other ways to get tickets at discounted prices. Only when I got back did I discover Kkday and it was selling tickets for only PHP 3, 405!

There may be people who collect Disneyland tickets/stubs who will approach you to ask if you’re willing to exchange with them so they can complete their collection. I don’t necessarily think that the ticket will still be needed once you get in, so I think it’s safe to exchange with someone else. Jana and I were approached by a couple who exchanged my green stub with his red. We had no issues when we exited the theme park that night.

Traveling from Mong Kok to Disneyland

I guess the easiest and fastest way to go to Disneyland is via the MTR. Honestly, I did not explore any other options anymore.

There are two ways to get there when you ride the train from Mong Kok.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 2.10.18 AM
This screenshot was obtained from http://www.mtr.com.hk/archive/en/services/routemap.pdf

Option 1: Ride the Tsuen Wan Line at Mong Kok Station towards Tsuen Wan and alight at Lai King Station. Transfer to the Tung Chung train line headed towards Tung Chung. Alight at Sunny Bay Station and transfer to the Disneyland Resort train.

Lai King Station is six stops from Mong Kok Station and four stops from the Tung Chung Line terminus at Central/Hong Kong Station. This means that the possibility of being able to sit in the train is slim as it is in between stations.

Option 2: Ride the Tsuen Wan Line at Mong Kok station towards Central. Alight at Central MTR Station and transfer to the Tung Chung train line. Alight at Sunny Bay and transfer to the Disneyland Resort train.

Central Station is five train stops away from Mong Kok Station. However, this is the terminus of the Tung Chung Line and that means the chance of being able to sit until we reach Sunny Bay was very high. Indeed, we were able to sit.

HOWEVER, Central Station is so wide that it involved A LOT of walking just to get to the Tung Chung train line. If it were not for walkalators/moving walkways, it would have been even more exhausting. That is why I was so glad we got to sit on the way to Sunny Bay.

The Octopus card cost from Mong Kok to Disneyland Resort is HKD 20.8. That’s roughly PHP 145.

For other means of getting to Hong Kong Disneyland, please visit their Travel Information page here.

Also, I can’t get over how cute the Disneyland Resort train is!


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