2019 Trip to Hong Kong: Enjoying Disneyland Part 2

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” -Walt Disney

Flights of Fantasy Parade

I was still feeling giddy about the Festival of the Lion King (read about it here) that I almost forgot about the 2:45PM parade that day. Jana approached a kind personnel to ask where the parade was going to be held. Having been directed to the main street, we tried to squeeze ourselves in the packed crowd that has formed.

We waited for a few minutes for the parade to begin. By that time, it was a little warmer already, perhaps due to the number of people waiting to see the parade as well. Eventually, we saw that it has started and we saw this float of Dumbo leading the parade of beloved Disney characters.


Sooo cute! I cannot recall knowing much about Dumbo’s story, but I know I found him cute and adorable when I was a kid. I cannot wait to watch the new Dumbo film this year. From the trailer alone, I feel like I’ll be crying buckets of tears.

Soon after, the floats of the Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell arrived. I made it a point to capture photos of Tinkerbell to show to our good friend Joan. Tinkerbell is her favorite apart from Ariel and we knew she would like to see this cute fairy in action.


How are these ladies so flawless?! I wonder what a Disney Princess has for a makeup and skincare routine. Hmmm…

I don’t think I saw Ariel in this parade. Maybe she was on the other side of the float? Also, I did not see Rapunzel, Merrida, and Jasmine. I wonder where those four went.

More and more adorable characters were out on their floats. The one I recognized even from afar was Winnie the Pooh. One simply cannot miss that golden tummy showing from a cropped top! He’s so cute and looks so cuddly, just like the plush toy my sister bought for me last year.

-4751383883131230670_img_1804I do not care if I am nearing my 30’s already. At that moment, I felt like a kid seeing all her favorite things in life! It felt so great to be carefree and happy like a child.

Tahitian Terrace Restaurant

Hungry mouse

The parade lasted about 30 to 40 minutes. By the end of the show, I felt hungry already, so I invited Jana to have lunch. We went to look for a place to eat back in Adventureland. We went to the first restaurant we could find because we did not want to roam around so much anymore. We ended up at Tahitian Terrace for lunch.

There were available seats! Hooray! You see, the last time I was in Disneyland we had difficulty looking for seats when we wanted to have lunch at a different restaurant. That is why I was so glad we did not have trouble looking for a table for Jana and me.

I found it a little ironic that the restaurant’s name contains Tahitian, but when I went inside, the menu had Southeast Asian specialties.


According to the Hong Kong Disneyland’s website, this restaurant serves meat dishes “certified by The Incorporated Trustees of The Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong” as halal. For those who eat halal certified foods, this is awesome!

My sister, Kristine, gave me money the day before and strictly instructed me to make sure Jana and I eat well in Disneyland. She said food in Disneyland can be pricey and she did not want us to miss enjoying the food there because of trying to spend less. I am so blessed I have a generous sister!

I asked Jana to stay at our table and decided to be the one to order our food. For her, I got the Roasted Chicken Breast, Honey Mushroom Sauce with Rice. Apparently, it was a kid’s meal as it came with cookies and an apple. I got her an additional orange juice bottle. Her meal totaled HKD 109.

Because I could only manage one tray at a time, I went back a second time to order my meal. On the way to the counter, I saw a lady with a Mickey Mouse looking cup with a straw. I said to myself, I want that too! So, when I ordered my Lemongrass Chicken Steak Combo for HKD 135, I added HKD 35 more to have this special Disney drink in their adorable sip cup.

I could not place what that drink was. It tasted like Sprite with lychee with jelly-like sinkers. Uh-oh. Lychee. I am allergic to that stuff, but at least I did not get any terrible reaction from the drink. Must have been artificial flavoring only.

Guess how the sinkers in the drink looked like…


Our meals were so delicious! The rice was especially yummy, probably because of the coconut flavor infused in it. The chicken dishes were juicy, tender and so flavorful! The cookies were crispy, light and buttery. Tahitian Terrace, you’re now one of my favorite Hong Kong restaurants!

Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point


After our filling lunch, we walked around trying to find the Runaway Mine Cars. Jana is quite a skilled driver and any mention of cars excites her. To our surprise, the Runaway Mine Cars was actually a steel roller coaster ride. Having only eaten, we decided to just watch the people already on it. Maybe next time.

We decided to keep walking around and we reached Toy Story Land. The rides in Toy Story Land looked like they were so much fun! Perhaps because of that, the queues to the different rides were soooooooo long.

We also saw Toy Story characters, but we were not able to fall in line early so that we could have our pictures taken with the characters. Sad…

Mystic Point was, well, mystical. The atmosphere in that section felt so different from the energy at Toy Story Land. Mystic Manor alone would let you know it.


The garden of wonders kind of gave me the creeps. For one, it looked so simple. However, it kind of gave me the feeling like there’s something there that I ought to have seen and that something will appear out of nowhere anytime.

Around this time, my sister told me to go and meet Iron Man at Tomorrowland. Hence, we traveled to the other side of the theme park.

Stay tuned to read about our experience meeting Iron Man and our adventures at Fantasyland! To read Part 1 of our Disneyland experience, please click here.

You may also want to read more about my previous Hong Kong experiences. Just click here.


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