2019 Trip to Hong Kong: Enjoying Disneyland Part 3

“It’s not enough to be against something. You have to be for something better.” – Tony Stark

It was a long walk from Mystic Point to Tomorrowland, but nothing was going to stop us from meeting Iron Man! The moment we saw the queue was short, we went for it and waited for our turn at the Iron Man Tech Showcase. From the waiting area, we could see lights from a room where people were made to enter, making the wait more exciting.


I was imagining that there will be some holographic whatnots to see when you reach your turn. To my disappointment, it was basically just a “scanning.” It’s like you’re being scanned for deadly weapons and illicit object in your pockets with bright lights flashing and some techie sounds for added effect. Bummer. At least we got Iron Man stickers.

After being “scanned,” we were made to go inside the tech showcase room where a lady (I assume to be playing the role of Piper) was explaining (in Chinese) something about the suit. At least I think it was about Iron Man’s suit. No English translations. Another bummer. Thankfully, the lady was cut short when suddenly, behind the closed sliding doors, Iron Man made a surprise appearance.

Whoever is underneath that costume, he captured Tony Stark’s confidence (and arrogant mannerisms too, I think) so well! Great job!

Iron Man started talking to “Pepper” for a few seconds. The lady still spoke in Chinese while he spoke in English. Pffft… I badly need to take Cantonese lessons soon.

Anyway, they started allowing us to take pictures by groups. I don’t know why they appeared in a hurry. After the three older ladies had a group’s and their individual photos taken, they were rushing even more. Jana and I were not able to ask for individual photos anymore, but at least the person who was handling Jana’s phone to take pictures took more that one shot.



My failure to understand Chinese aside, I was so happy I got to meet Iron Man, even if he wasn’t Robert Downey, Jr. underneath that suit. You see, apart from Wolverine, Iron Man/Tony Stark is my favorite because of his wit, sense of humor and bad boy vibe. Superheroes can’t be too nice all the time, I believe.

img_1499 I cannot count the number of times I told Jana I wanted to ride teacups. To be exact, I wanted to ride teacups that moved like bump cars. I could just imagine bumping into another teacup and we’d lose a chunk of our teacup’s body in the process. Crazy thoughts I had.

Anyway, when I saw the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups ride, I insisted we hopped on it. Thankfully, the queue was not very long so it didn’t take a lot of time before we were at the front of the line waiting for the next round.

These were not bump teacup cars like I wanted. These were spinning teacups which were very much aligned to the Alice in Wonderland theme.

I’m Pina. Pina-Alice from Wonderland. Only Filipinos will get this. 😀

There’s a sort of steering wheel in the middle of those teacups that you have to spin in order for your teacup to spin faster. The whole ride lasted shorter than we wanted, but I think that’s okay because any longer and we might have been dizzy already. We wanted a second turn, but the queue was already longer than when we first decided to go for this ride. We just decided to look for somewhere else to go.

We went to this castle that had an Alice in Wonderland vibe that we saw while we were waiting to ride the teacups. There was something so whimsical about it that it looked like it came straight from a pop-up book. Of course, we had to take pictures with that castle as our background!

We also had a great time laughing at how differently we take each other’s photos. Just look at our attempts below.


img_1515Anyway, we saw people coming out of the castle. We decided to figure out what was inside it. A few steps away from where we were taking photos, we saw a sign for It’s a Small World boat ride. Boat ride?! Count us in! We went inside the castle and found our way to the “river” leading to everything adorable in this world.

The queue was manageable, so we did not wait long to ride the boat. My golly! There were so many adorable displays along the way! It’s a Small World After All was also playing in the background. I wanted to take everything I saw and bring them home with me! I just saw my dream doll collection come to life at that time!


The point of the dolls/displays was to show the uniqueness of different places in the world. The song It’s a Small World After All would play in the language of the country you’re currently passing by. To be honest, I only noticed that the language was changing when I suddenly heard it in Filipino. Pilipinas, represent!!!


We took a little break to rest our legs and to eat caramel popcorn. It was getting dark already and we wanted to prepare for the night parade. During this rest, we were approached by a couple who asked if they could swap tickets with us. I think they were collecting different colors of Disneyland stubs. We gladly exchanged with them.


After a few minutes, we went to the main street to get ready for the Paint the Night Parade. Damn, there were lots of people sitting on the sidewalk already, reserving a sure spot for the best view of the parade. We stood for almost an hour, waiting for the spectacular display of lights to start. I went on IG live so my sister could watch at home because she was not able to go with us as originally planned. Unfortunately for me, I was not able to save the live video.

Thankfully, I found a clear video from YouTube. I can now reminisce about that magical and magnificent production.

After the parade, Jana and I shared a Mickey waffle before heading home. By this time, we have also already shopped for treats to bring home to colleagues and friends.


I enjoyed Disneyland a whole lot! I feel that I should be back every year so that I can ride almost every ride they have and watch every production they perform. I want to visit Tarzan’s Tree House and hopefully, see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle after the renovation is complete. I want to watch the fireworks at night and take a better video of that night parade.

I want Jana to come along again and hopefully, we’ll be joined by our other friends like Joan, Mark, and Dan. I bet it will be so much fun to be back with the whole gang.

Until next time, bye Disneyland!


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