2019 Trip to Hong Kong: Ocean Park Aqua City

“I am the shore and the ocean, awaiting myself on both sides.” ― Dejan Stojanovic, The Shape

I am not much of an adventurer, but I do love the ocean and the sea. I guess my posts on my experiences about Apo Island and Surigao will let you know how I learned about my love for large bodies of water. I love the mystery and the feeling of freedom that being in the middle of the sea gives one. It’s euphoric and enthralling when you’re away from the land and you’re blanketed by the refreshing sensation of the water.

Despite that love for the sea, I have to admit to not putting Ocean Park on our itinerary right away. In fact, we only decided to go to Ocean Park because Ngong Ping 360 cable cars were undergoing maintenance checks during our stay in Hong Kong. We thought of experiencing cable car ride in Ocean Park instead.

It was only when I found out that there are panda and penguins in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park that I got very excited about the trip. Just like our Disneyland trip, we booked our tickets via Klook, booking it the day after our Disneyland trip. According to my sister, Ocean Park is a lot wider than Disneyland and would, therefore, require more walking. We would be too tired for Disneyland if we went to Ocean Park first.

Mong Kok to Ocean Park

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 2.10.18 AM
Screenshot obtained from http://www.mtr.com.hk/archive/en/services/routemap.pdf

 We rode the MTR once again from Mong Kok Station to Admiralty, where we alighted to transfer to the South Island Line. We rode another train and got off at Ocean Park.


img_2238We did not encounter any difficulty getting inside Ocean Park. Bottled water is allowed inside too. I conveniently placed mine in one of the rather large pockets of the jacket my sister gave me.

The first place we entered was the first shop that we saw. The penguin stuffed toys called to me. Hahaha.


I wanted to buy at least one of each design, but I would be buried in debt if I did. Who would not want to have at least one of these cuddly toys?! No one!

Anyway, we went back out to try and figure out how to navigate the place. Unlike in Disneyland, I have not been to this place before, so I could not guide Jana in exploring Ocean Park. For that reason, she immediately looked for the place where they put maps for visitors to use. Thankfully, Ocean Park’s map was in English. With a map in hand, we went to the right of this Chill Out stand.


The first attraction we saw was Aqua City. We decided that the panda and the penguins could wait and that we should already see what was in this place. There wasn’t a very long queue, but we had to wait for a couple of minutes to get in. I think they’re trying to ensure that the people inside do not become too plenty because that would make for an uncomfortable visit. While waiting, we were trying (at least Jana was) to figure the map out and plan the sequence of the attractions we were going to visit.


The first thing we saw was this aquarium of jellyfishes. Don’t you think they were so comely under the blue light? I cannot imagine how creatures as cute as these can cause injury to humans. How powerful!

Sometimes, part of me wishes that I knew more about animals. This jellyfish, for example, makes me so curious where its brain and internal organs are. How does it eat? Does it poop? How does it sleep and breath? Then again, I can always research online about these sort of things.

There were a lot of kids in Aqua City and it’s understandable because Ocean Park is a great place to have field trips if you want your child to know more about animals.

The last time I saw something this beautiful was during my trip to Apo Island. There’s a beauty under the sea that the wonders on land just cannot replace.

Aqua City is filled with large aquariums that I cannot imagine how they filled. Did they fill them with sea water or did they make artificial sea water? How do they make the aquariums liveable for the animals?

Further on, we came across the section for king crabs. OMG, so scary! I love crabs and I love eating them, but after seeing the king crab, I do not think I’ll be eating any crab any time soon. They look like spiders under the sea!


I finally got to see a seahorse for the first time in my life! I was kind of hoping to chance upon a female seahorse depositing eggs to a male’s pouch because, you know, parenting is a shared responsibility. You gotta be proud of these daddies! Unfortunately, I was not able to witness such an event.

IMG_0084Much to my surprise, I learned that seahorses are used as “medicine” by some people. I was shocked. First of all, how do they even manage to capture these tiny creatures?

My only regret during my whole Ocean Park trip was that I did not pay much attention to the labels and animal information posted. I got so caught up with the beauty of the animals and wanted to take photos and videos of them. For that reason, I do not know if a certain ray fish is a manta ray or a sting ray. Or another type of ray? Nevertheless, I loved the rays so much because they remind me of an encounter with one in Surigao.


The funny thing about rays is that their underside looks like a smiley face. Look at this kid below. Doesn’t it seem like the ray was smiling at him?

Looks like it’s saying “hi!” to everyone. Reminds me of Mantine, the Pokemon.

Seeing them with the other fishes was astonishing! Just look at the video below.

Here are more photos and videos I took in Aqua City:


Stay tuned for more posts on our Ocean Park trip. Meanwhile, you may want to read more on my travels to Hong Kong. Until next time!

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