2019 Trip to Hong Kong: Dolphin and Sea Lion Show and Shark Mystique

“The creatures of the sea hold special mystery, and they are among the most exciting, graceful, and beautiful on Earth. Just consider the living riot of a coral reef, the beauty of an albatross, the awesome power of a giant turtle, the grace of a dolphin. Now multiply that by the millions of creatures in the sea. Wow! -Carl Safina”

Still sad from not being able to see the dolphins, Jana and I roamed around to find some stuff to do. We ended up at the area where they had theme park games. Jana went for the one where she just had to topple over cups to get a stuffed toy. I tried one where I had to shoot a ball in a small drum. None of us won.


All the walking has made us hungry, so we looked for a place to eat. The park was full of people and it took a while for us to find seats. I left Jana at the table to buy our lunch from Boardwalk Cafe.


The queue wasn’t that long, but it didn’t move quickly enough. I had to wait for over 15 minutes just to place our order. Jana’s was roasted pork while I forgot what mine was BBQ pork. For HKD 120 each order, our food came with rather tall glasses of soda. I guess that’s a deal already.


The food was delicious! The meats were flavorful, but not overpowering. Jana’s roasted pork came with crunchy pork skin that was simply delectable! The serving of each meal was also big, so I wasn’t able to finish the rice and my soda. I just made sure to eat up all the meat. I was so stuffed and fuelled for our next adventures in the park!

We welcomed three Chinese people (I think they’re family) to sit with us because there wasn’t anywhere else to stay. One of them tried to talk to us, but we couldn’t understand Chinese. I would have liked talking to them if only I knew how to speak their language. It would have been fun to make friends during travels.

After lunch, we headed to the Ocean Theater to watch the dolphins and sea lions. We arrived pretty early, but we got to see the animals practice before the actual show. I was excited because it was my first time to see dolphins and sea lions in real life. I don’t know if Jana has seen dolphins in the past, but I hope she was as excited as I was at that moment.

The theater was packed with visitors a few minutes before the show. Behind us was a cute little boy who was getting bored. We got so many kicks on our backs because the kid was getting impatient. Thankfully, the sea lions arrived before the kid threw a tantrum.

Just look at their entrance!

Weren’t they adorable, waving hello to the audience? Watch them perform a few tricks.

Soon after, they bade goodbye to the audience. I could tell that the smaller sea lion was very attached to the man in the purple suit. I guess they have formed a strong bond over the years that they have performed together. In a way, it gives me comfort that these animals are cared for well even if they are not in their natural habitat.

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Soon, the dolphins arrived while there was a story being narrated. Early on in the show, they were already giving their best on their tricks. The jumped, they flipped, they somersaulted, and were so coordinated and synchronized! These guys really are smart!

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I really hope more efforts go into protecting these animals so that they can live freely and not have to be protected in facilities. I’d hate for places like Ocean Park to be a safer home for them than their natural habitat just because humans stopped caring and giving a damn.

A very long walk away from the Ocean Theater was Shark Mystique. I have to admit that I got tired from all the slopes we had to climb up just to reach our destination. In my head, I was thinking that the sharks better be worth all the calories I was burning at that time. Plus, they better not make a snack out of me.

-3215540926954733081_img_2402 I am not sure if people were scared of sharks or they just had more exciting activities to participate in. Maybe we were just blessed that day because the queue was not long at all. We’ve been lucky with queues since Disneyland!

Anyway, after going inside, I noticed that the place smelled highly of the ocean. The smell was stronger compared to Aqua City’s huge aquariums. Shark Mystique truly smelled like the ocean, but not too strongly you wouldn’t want to go inside anymore. The place was also much darker, probably to mimic how dark it is deep, deep down in the ocean where sharks normally stay. It was fine because I do not want to get into any angry shark-related accidents.

We did not see sharks right away. In fact, I saw a lot of smaller fishes upon entry. They were colorful and delightful in their own way, which made me worry if they get served to the sharks to eat.

Eventually, we got to the sharks. For so many years, I only ever knew one type of shark; the ones you normally see in shark-related horror and thriller movies. I was already an adult when I tried to know more about sharks. Turns out, there are other different kinds!

It’s astounding how fishes swim with the sharks like those sharks are their friends. I mean, the sharks have to eat. Are they not worried they will be eaten? You see, I didn’t see the fishes swimming away from these bigger fishes that, most of the time, just pop out of nowhere.

I thought I saw enough of rays earlier at Aqua City, but there were a lot of them at Shark Mystique too! I eventually learned that rays (batoids) are close relatives of sharks. What?! I cannot see how that can be, but I’ll leave that to the experts.

Amidst all the oohs and the aahs in Shark Mystique, a kid suddenly started singing the Baby Shark song. Haha! I knew it was bound to happen. Damn, that song is still a hit with kids like my nephew. He recently learned how to speak clearly enough to shout, “Alexa, play Baby Shark.”

We had another long walk to get to the Ocean Express (train) to go back to The Waterfront section of Ocean Park. After having experienced the cable car, we decided to experience riding the train going back. I loved how the train looked like a submarine.

We tried to see An An again before going home, but he wanted to stay in his room more than he wanted to be seen by visitors. Animals are entitled to their privacy and me-time too, so we just decided to shop before going home.

I ended up not buying anything though. Still, I was able to buy panda and penguin cookies from the airport before going home. Kee Wah sells them at the same price so you do not have to buy from Ocean Express right away if you’re worried about making sure you had funds for the rest of your trip.

img_2320I immensely enjoyed our trip to Ocean Park. My only regret was that we weren’t able to plan it as well as we should have to be able to visit more attractions and see more animals. I cannot wait to visit again to see the koala, the red pandas, and the birds. Hopefully, next time, I will also get to see the two younger pandas that this place takes care of.

I hope you also enjoyed Ocean Park through my stories, pictures, and videos. I wish for you to be able to visit this place or a similar park that’s closer to you. May we all learn to love and protect for the animals that God placed in our care.

To read about my other adventures in Hong Kong, please click here.

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