New Favorite: Partners for Justice Season 2

“A criminal remains a criminal whether he uses a convict’s suit or a monarch’s crown.” ― Victor Hugo

I waited for around a year to watch the second season of my favorite crime drama, Partners for Justice. I wrote about it last year when I accidentally discovered it and immediately got hooked.

Season 2 picks up a year after cliffhanger ending of Season 1 when prime suspect Oh Man-Sang was believed to have died in a burning car while attempting to escape. The crimes featured are not all related to Oh Man-Sang, but it appears that lead character Baek Beom is not fully convinced whether Oh-Man-Sang is dead.

Jung Jae Young returns as Baek Beom, a medical examiner of the National Forensic Service who believes that dead bodies have stories to tell. He is still as grumpy as he was in Season 1 and is still as passionate about solving the mysteries surrounding people’s deaths. He still keeps to himself and is still stubborn, always forcing to get his way when he knows he can do the job better than his sort of archnemesis, Ma Do-Nam, played by Song Young-Kyu.

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Jung Yoo Mi returns as Eun Sol, now as 1st Grader Prosecutor. She is still as good-hearted as she was in the first season, but I am a little disappointed that she has not gained confidence in herself in her work. She still jumps to conclusions and is still highly emotional in the cases, making her highly dependent on her superiors. I have not yet seen her show that she has a backbone in the first 20 episodes of Season 2. In fact, I am sure that even without her, the story would have gone pretty well. My golly, the supporting characters have way more interesting character development compared to her. I feel bad for the actress because of what disservice was done to her character. I was only able to see them showcase her superb memory and memorization skill once! And her driving? Not as thrilling and exciting as in Season 1.

Despite now feeling a sense of “partnership” in the story, I am still very much hooked to how each crime featured so far is written. The show is still superb in making the craziest plot twists that will have you mind blown.

Despite most characters returning for season 2, we bid goodbye to Dr. Stella Wang (played by Stephanie Lee) and Cha Soo-Ho (played by Lee Yi-Kyung). While there was no replacement for the character of Cha Soo-Ho, we welcome Dr. Sally Kim as the new NFS researcher under the Toxic and Chemical Substances Department. Whereas Stella was smart, pretty and cool, Sally is aggressive, messy and hardcore. That’s okay given that Sally cannot be a shadow of Stella in Season 2. While some similarities are required for the type of job they do, they have very different personalities. I love both characters equally.

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We also welcome the character of Dr. Jang Cheol, played by No Min-Woo. This is No Min-Woo’s return to TV drama after four years. His character, Dr. Cheol, is as mysterious as it can get. He is one smart, good-looking, and passionate doctor who has an eerie aura so you will have to watch the drama to see how his character development plays out.

Because of how busy June was at work, I didn’t realize they already started airing Season 2 last June 3. Airing every Monday and Tuesday, I’ve binge watched 20 episodes so far, with 12 more to go when it ends on July 23. For some reason, I feel that there are fewer cases being solved in this season, but the level of intricacy has gone way higher, requiring a case almost two and a half episodes to solve. I am so excited how the rest of the 12 episodes will turn out and I am looking forward to what types of crimes will get featured. I can only hope for a cliffhanger for a third season.

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8 thoughts on “New Favorite: Partners for Justice Season 2

    1. Yes, it is! You will always be on the edge of your seat, trying to solve the case along with the characters of the story. The plot is well thought through, you’d wonder how they managed to come up with that kind of story.


      1. Only to understand the storyline of Oh Man-Sang. I don’t think you’d have to just to appreciate the cases in S2, but watching S1 will help you understand the characters better.

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