Tips to Earn GetGo Points After Grab’s Drastic Change in Rewards System

I have been a loyal Grab user ever since Uber left the Philippine market. That’s because there was no other ride-sharing service provider available that can provide similar service as Grab and Uber. Thankfully, Grab had a good reward system that Uber did not have. To be honest, as far as ride-sharing is concerned, the rewards were Grab’s only advantage over Uber.

Eventually, I got used to Grab’s services. I benefited a lot from their services and I enjoyed reaping the rewards of my continuous business with them. My favorite part was exchanging 4,500 Grab points for 500 GetGo points. All in all, I was able to redeem 1,800 GetGo points from Grab. Needless to say, the wanderer in me loved that Grab could help me get enough points for free flights with Cebu Pacific. That was until they changed their rewards system.

Before, I used to earn 6 points for every Php 10 when I used GrabPay to pay for my rides. Now, I only get 12 points for every Php 100. What a shock, right? This change started in August and the new system is described on their website. Oh well. Since there is no better alternative yet to Grab, I just have to accept their new reward system. This is why monopoly sucks.

So, how can we still earn GetGo points after losing one of our quickest and biggest source of points?

Book flights via Cebu Pacific

Earn 1 point for every PHP 5.00 spent on flights and add-ons. Remember to enter your GetGo number during booking or during check-in for points to be counted. Just remember that when you use points for flights, you will no longer be eligible to earn points on the excess that you had to pay extra for. For example, if I booked a flight to Hong Kong using 3,900 points and had to pay additional PHP 5,000 for my return flight and add-ons, I will not earn points on my PHP 5,000 payment.


Get a CEB GetGo Prepaid Virtual/Prepaid Card/Debit Card/Credit Card  with UnionBank

For every PHP 100 Visa spend using your debit card or every PHP 30 Visa spend using your credit card, you earn 1 GetGo point. The good news is that because it’s Visa affiliated, you can use these cards to pay for your Cebu Pacific flights. You will earn 1 point for every PHP 100 (debit card) or PHP 30 (credit card) Visa spend and also earn 1 point for every PHP 5.00 from Cebu Pacific. Check out the sample computation here.

Still powered by UnionBank, GetGo Prepaid is another alternative if you do not want to have a credit card or you don’t want to pay PHP 500 annual fee for the debit card. You will earn 1 point for every PHP 100 spent and also earn 1 point for every PHP 5.00 from Cebu Pacific. Check out sample computation here.

GetGo Prepaid can either come in a virtual form or in a physical card. The only difference is that the physical card version, like a debit card, can be used for transactions with Visa affiliated stores worldwide, while the virtual card can be used only for online transactions.

Aside from the inherent perks of a physical card over a virtual one, they are practically the same in terms of earning points save for the maximum card balance of PHP 50,000 for the virtual one and PHP 500,000 for the physical card. For more info, visit GetGo Pay’s website.

Enroll your credit cards to miles program

If you haven’t already enrolled your credit cards to your provider’s miles program, you may want to do it if you’re a fan of traveling. Several credit card companies allow points to be converted to air miles, which can be further converted to GetGo points. Just read or ask about their policies because some only allow enrollment to a specific airline’s rewards program.

I have managed to get around 1,000 points from converting my credit card points. I just had to enroll in the miles program and call the customer service once I’ve reached enough points for conversion.

Make online shopping your best friend

Admit it, you love shopping online. You can now love it more because you can earn 1 point for every PHP 10.00 spent on Lazada! You just need to follow the instructions on GetGo’s site to earn points to be credited to your account 65 days after purchase. While you’re at it, why not use your CEB GetGo Prepaid Virtual/Prepaid Card/Debit Card/Credit Card during payment?

Aside from Lazada, you can also earn 1 point for every USD 1.00 spend on AliExpress and Sephora.

Don’t just book it. Klook it!

It’s true! Klook has made traveling more convenient by allowing you to book tours and activities at good rates in advance so you can skip the lines during your actual travel. It has made planning and budgeting your travels faster and easier. The best part? Klook allows you to earn 1 point for every PHP 100 spend on tours and activities. Just make sure to go to and enter your GetGo number during checkout, before making your payment. Need I still say my recommended payment method? *wink*

Choose your hotel wisely

If you’re going to spend on hotel accommodation, might as well spend it on something that will help you earn GetGo points. Through Agoda’s PointsMax, you can book hotels and earn points at the same time. Just go to and enter your GetGo number during payment checkout. Make sure you’ve set up your PointsMax beforehand. Pay using your payment options from UnionBank for extra points.

GetGo also has other partner hotels that can award you points. Click here for more information.

Shop at Robinsons

We cannot rely on online shopping for everything. There are times when you simply have to see what you’re buying before paying for it. Where online shopping can’t get the job done, we turn to department stores and groceries.

Get 1 point for every PHP 100 you spend at Robinsons Department Store and 1 point for every PHP 200 at Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Selections, and Robinsons Easymart. Just present your GetGo cards from UnionBank during payment.

As disappointed as I am with the drastic change in Grab’s reward system, I have a lot of other avenues to earn points to fund my wanderlust. There are so many more ways to earn GetGo points. I highlighted only those that I feel we can do more frequently to speed up the earning. After all, why pay additionally for travel when you can earn points to travel for free? You deserve to reward yourself from making all of your purchases and payments that you’ve worked so hard for to be able to afford.


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