My Cebu Pacific Flight to Singapore

I have lost count of the number of flights I’ve been on with Cebu Pacific. To be honest, except for the lost baggage scare I had last March in Hong Kong, I’ve never really had many problems with this airline. I’ve come to be fond of it already, to be honest.

I had an early flight to Singapore and it was raining a lot in Manila because of the monsoon and a typhoon that, while outside the Philippine Area of Responsibility, was pulling in more rains to the country. I was already prepared for the bumpiest and most turbulent flight of my life.

By the way, Cebu Pacific is now strictly implementing orderly boarding of passengers to the aircraft. They begin with senior citizens, pregnant women, differently-abled passengers, and those traveling with small children. They will be followed by regular guests, allowing entry by batch. They start filling the plane from its last row. I highly applaud them for disciplining their passengers because it used to be chaotic when people start boarding the plane.

So, if you want to board right away, get seats from the last ten rows. If you’re seated at the first few rows, you don’t have to rush to the boarding gates right away so take your time and go have a meal, shop around, or exchange your Philippine Peso for foreign currency.

We couldn’t take off on time even though we boarded earlier than expected. We were sixth in the line of the planes that were going to take off. I fell asleep for a few minutes already just to find out we haven’t flown yet.

Eventually, the sky cleared and there was no more rain. I enjoyed looking outside my window once again, looking at the blue sky and the clouds. I will never get sick of paying for window seats every single time I will travel!


I did see some improvements in the plane I rode. Despite only having six seats in a row, this plane was equipped with USB charging ports. This is the first time I rode a Cebu Pacific plane that had this feature!


The flight was going to be 3 hours and 25 minutes. That was my longest flight to date. Being a paranoid flyer, I opted to sleep through the turbulences. However, I first had to take the meal that I paid during my flight booking before I could go to sleep.


I was surprised that they had bottled iced tea to go with the meal because I didn’t notice it during my flight booking. The beef bulgogi was flavourful and had tender meat. Surprisingly, it was pretty good for an in-flight meal. I only wish the serving was even a quarter bigger than this.

I only managed to sleep for one hour. Thankfully, the many turbulences during the flight weren’t strong ones, so I did not have anxiety during the flight. I was also glad I managed to download a couple of episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on my phone through Netflix. I managed to catch up on a lot of episodes in Season 2 throughout the remainder of the flight. Because of that, I did not miss Cathay Pacific’s in-flight entertainment system that much.

The flight was comfortable for the most part. I was glad we did not experience violent turbulence and that there were no rowdy passengers on the plane.

Stay tuned for more posts on my first solo trip to Singapore! To learn about my Agoda booking mishap, click here.

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