Review: J8 Hotel and Shared Changi Airport Transfers (SIN) for Singapore Hotels

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” —Lao Tzu

In a previous post, I shared with you how my original hotel booking got cancelled a few weeks before my trip. Originally having booked Fragrance Hotel – Selegie, my accommodations were transferred to J8 hotel. Despite the stress, while waiting for J8 Hotel to confirm acceptance of my booking, I kept telling myself that perhaps God was trying to move me to a better place.

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 10.12.56 PM

While I read in some reviews that there are men who bring random women in Fragrance Hotel to spend a night with, in my head, I was thinking it can happen to any hotel. Little did I know that the Fragrance chain of hotels has had a reputation of being a “love” hotel despite efforts to try and change that image. I only read about it while writing this post. Perhaps, I was being kept away from places that might lead me to trouble. Now, I am more than thankful that my original booking had to be changed. I sincerely hope that the Fragrance chain of hotel manages to completely change their reputation soon.

Changi Terminal 4 to J8 Hotel

I booked a round trip transfer from the airport to my hotel and vice versa from Klook. The Ground Transport Services was just behind the Information Counter of the Arrivals Hall of Changi Airport Terminal 4.

Redeeming my voucher was easy! I just showed the staff my Klook voucher’s QR code and they gave me a receipt (don’t lose it!) and two stickers to put on my shirt. One was for my trip to the hotel and the other was for my trip back to the airport. That way, the shuttle driver will know I was supposed to be picked up.

I showed the driver my receipt before riding the shuttle. Please do not book this ride if you have more than one piece or large suitcase. Being a shared ride, other passengers will need space for their luggage too.

There weren’t many passengers with me on the shuttle, so it wasn’t a very long drive to my hotel. I loved how comfy the seats were and that there were seatbelts for safety! I also noticed the USB charging ports. However, after reading about how public USB charging ports can be risky, I personally prefer using my power bank.

While the ride was fast, it wasn’t a scary rollercoaster ride. I guess it was because there wasn’t heavy traffic that day, so the driver did not have to drive like a madman just to drop us off on time. I got to my hotel a few minutes past 11AM. When I got dropped off, that was the only time I noticed they had WiFi onboard. Oh well, my M1 Tourist SIM card made sure I had fast and reliable internet anyway.


My Stay at J8 Hotel

img_1750The lobby was not a huge one. There was a reception counter and a small lobby that connect to the J8 Hotel Restaurant. There was also a restroom in the lobby with automatic sliding doors (too bad I was not able to take a picture).

Checking in was easy! I just presented my passport to them and that was it. Since my room was not yet ready, I decided to leave my luggage and have lunch before heading to my first destination in my itinerary. To my surprise, they did not give me a claim tab or a number tag to claim my luggage that evening. I did not argue anymore and off I went to lunch.

It was already 6PM when I got back to the hotel. My legs and feet were so sore from all the walking and I badly needed a shower to freshen up. I was going to see my hotel room for the first time. I was so excited! And yes, despite not being given a number tag for my luggage, nobody attempted to get my luggage or mistook it for theirs. I love the honesty and discipline in Singapore!

The elevator is the type where you need to tap your room card before you can select the floor where you’re going. The hallway to my room was dimly lit, but not dim enough to be spooky. At the end of the hallway was my room!

My initial thoughts? It was a cozy room! I had no need for a very huge and spacious hotel room. After all, I was only meant to rest there, not have a dance party! Plus, it was already way more spacious than our hotel in Hong Kong last March. I wasn’t going to complain anymore. As long as I had enough space to fully open my suitcase, I was good to go!

The bed was surprisingly comfortable to sleep in! The mattress was not a hard as those in Hong Kong. The pillows were fluffy enough and the sheets weren’t scratchy or rough against my skin. Beside my bed were rows of light switches, electric outlets, and the control panel for the room’s air conditioning unit.

I had a hanging flat-screen TV strategically placed where I could watch shows in the comfort of my bed. The TV allowed me to log on to my Youtube and Netflix accounts. I had so much fun watching local Singaporean shows and my favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine show on Netflix.

The room had a balcony, which I pretty much did not use. I only got one chair and brought it inside to place my shopping bags on. Other than that, I basically kept the door locked and the automatic blinds/sun shield down.

Before I went up to my room, I was told that for my first day, everything inside the mini-fridge was free! After that, only bottled water would be complimentary. Just look what I had in my fridge on the first day!

I had an electric kettle, a teacup, and sachets of tea, coffee, and sugar. I also had a safebox that I found to have a tendency to get warm inside, possibly due to the mini-fridge below. All of these were underneath a writing desk that had a place to hang and keep my clothes above.

Here’s the part I was so anxious about. The bathroom. I am so picky with hotels to book because I am very particular about having a separate cubicle for the shower, away from the toilet. My reason? I need a safe and dry section to put my clothes for when I take a bath. That was the reason why I booked a room in Fragrance Hotel – Selegie in the first place. My heart dropped after seeing the bathroom in my J8 Hotel room.

Still, it had its redeeming factors like having a bidet and having refillable containers for hand soap, body wash, and shampoo. I find these more environmentally friendly compared to using wipes and tissue paper. Also, while I was a little sad not to have mini bath products to keep as souvenirs, theirs was the more environmentally friendly option.  I did have a free pack of toothbrush and toothpaste, and a pack containing a cotton pad, cotton buds, and a nail file!

I had a very pleasant experience at J8 Hotel. Everyone working there that I encountered was nice and friendly, especially the lady at the front desk during the day. The restaurant staff was patient with the guests getting their free breakfast in the morning (7AM to 10AM). I had no issues throughout my stay and had very peaceful nights of deep sleep. I felt safe and secure in the hotel, which was a comfort to me given that it was my first time in Singapore and I was by myself.

I also found the hotel’s location to be very strategic? There were three bus stops and 2 MRT stations close by.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.05.34 PM.png

The hotel is also very near Mustafa Shopping Centre, a 24-hour shopping location that’s considered by many to be the best place to shop in Singapore!

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.11.13 PM.png

Please stay tuned for my review of my free breakfast from J8 Hotel when I write about my SG Food Trip!

J8 Hotel to Changi Terminal 4

IMG_2928My shuttle was supposed to pick me up exactly three hours before my flight at 6:50PM. I still had a lot of time during the day and I decided I was going for another walk around Bugis. I checked out at 10 AM and left my luggage, telling them I would be back after lunch.

I was back an hour before my intended pick-up time, so I just stayed at the lobby of the hotel. I put my sticker on my cellphone case hanging from my neck because it wouldn’t stick on my denim dress or my jacket. To be honest, I was already preparing for the possibility of not getting picked up on time. To my surprise, the shuttle bus came 10 minutes earlier than I expected!

This time, the driver was a lot more friendlier than the first driver! For one, this driver offered to load and unload my luggage for me, striking a mini conversation about my airline and the terminal where he was supposed to drop me off. I was the only passenger throughout the trip to the airport!

Just like the first driver, he was very careful in his driving, but not to the point of being very slow. I then understood why leaving three hours before the flight was okay. Traffic was smooth and checking in at Changi Terminal 4 was a breeze.

I highly recommend the Shared Changi Airport Hotel Transfers package from Klook and J8 Hotel for your next Singapore trip!

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