SG 2019: Gardens by the Bay and OCBC Skyway

“I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.” ― Edna St. Vincent Millay

When I was still planning my first solo international trip and my first travel to Singapore, I knew that Universal Studios was out of the question. I am not a huge fan of theme parks (except for Disneyland) and rides aren’t really my thing. If I had a friend with me, I would probably be inclined to visit Universal Studios. However, I knew one place that I could appreciate even if I were going solo: Gardens by the Bay!

In my previous post, I already talked about how I got the voucher from Klook and redeemed my tickets from the Red Dot Design Museum. I really believe that my Klook voucher was a steal because it included Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and OCBC Skyway! If you’re planning to visit these majestic places, I really recommend getting your vouchers from Klook.

From The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, there was a walkway that will lead you to the gardens. I preferred that than going back to the MRT Station because I was already feeling tired from all the walking and lack of proper sleep.



According to the garden’s official website, I was only going to Bay South. You see, Gardens by the Bay is made up of Bay South (the largest), Bay East and Bay Central. The Bay South, opened in 2012, features the Supertree Grove that you can visit free of charge. That was my first stop.


There are a total of eighteen of these majestic trees and twelve of them are at the Supergrove Trees! These are not real trees because these are made of concrete and steel that were built to a height of about a sixteen-storey building. All the plants they house were studied to ensure they are ideal of vertical planting. At night, these “trees” light up and offer an extraordinary view that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate during the day. The bridge that you can see is the OCBC Skyway that connects the twelve trees.

Because it was too hot that noon, I decided to go up the OCBC Skyway in the afternoon. After admiring the supertrees, I went to the Cloud Forest.

The heat I had to endure outside was immediately soothed by the cool temperature upon entering the Cloud Forest! Welcoming me to its mystical land was the world’s tallest indoor waterfall that a lot of people enjoyed getting wet from. I stayed a few minutes to cool down and admire the sight before me because this was the closest I have ever been to a waterfall, albeit man-made.

There are several sections inside Cloud Forest, all of which are jawdropping and magical in their own way.

The Lost World features carnivorous plants life the Venue Flytrap and pitcher plants. To be honest, I saw some people taking pictures of the pitcher plants, laughing, and glancing suggestively at their friends because it does look racy. I wonder if they knew that was a carnivorous plant. Thankfully, none of them attempted to touch it.

They also have the Crystal Mountain where you can see beautiful stalactites and stalagmites without having to go to a cave!

In Cloud Walk, you get to see up close, the epiphytes that are found in The Cavern!


My favorite section of Cloud Forest was The Secret Garden. It’s a relatively new attraction inside Cloud Forest that features plants that thrive in limestone forests. Its mystical ambiance will truly make you feel that you are in a garden that must be kept a secret from the rest of the world.

After I have had my fill of Cloud Forest, I went to the Flower Dome. If I thought Cloud Forest was packed, Flower Dome was filled with more tourists! It was so difficult to get shots without people in the background. What I loved, however, was that everyone I encountered was courteous to the other visitors. There was no pushing or hitting just to get ahead.

Like Cloud Forest, the Flower Dome had so many sections that were filled with rows and rows of vibrant flowers. I believe it was the first time I saw most of the flowers there. I simply cannot imagine the amount of care that was put in just to make sure these flowers thrive.

I went crazy over the flowers that I was not able to keep track of the different sections anymore. However, I remember different types of gardens being exhibited like Californian, South African and Australian gardens.

My favorite part in Flower Dome was this display:


I mean, seriously. Just look at that chicken! It was so cute!

Since my feet were already aching from all the walking since I arrived in Singapore, I decided to head back to Supergrove Trees and rest for a bit before going up the OCBC Skyway. While I was making plans in my head, I was startled by a bunch of very noisy, black birds.

Smiling, but internally trying to calm myself. Oh look! You can see behind me three of the 18 supergrove trees that are either at the Silver Garden or the Golden Garden.

Because of the volume of tourists, the entry to the OCBC Skyway is controlled. They only allow a certain number of people to go in every 15 minutes or so. I guess it’s also to preserve the structural integrity by not overloading it so much. For that reason, don’t go straight to the queue with your ticket. Go to the counter first and get a card stating the time you can go in. It was already 5PM when went up the skyway.

I am not afraid of heights, but I am mightily scared of shaky vehicles, turbulent flights, hanging bridges, or anything unstable. It was so windy when I went up the OCBC Skyway and while it wasn’t swaying so bad, I could feel the movements from the wind and from the tourists who were with me on it. As beautiful as the sight was to behold, I had to go down right away.


I truly enjoyed my visit to Gardens by the Bay. If only I were not so tired by the time I went down from the OCBC Skyway, I would have loved to stay and see the supergrove trees lit up with bright lights. My feet were killing me already, so I decided to head back to my hotel before people who went to the National Day Parade head home after the celebration.

There were so many sections of the gardens that I wasn’t able to visit yet. There’s Floral Fantasy (ticket sold separately), Serene Garden, Art Sculptures, and many more. That being said, I am pretty sure that I will be back to Singapore to visit these places, including Bay East and Bay Central. I cannot wait!

Visit my Instagram page for more pictures of my Gardens by the Bay trip.

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