Practicing My Throws at the Axe Factor Singapore

Throw your axe like you’re throwing away all the fears that reside in your heart.

I am finally back with another post about my adventures in Singapore last August! I can say that I terribly miss that place and I cannot wait to be back. While I would be trying out new adventures when I return, I am pretty sure I’d like a repeat of my axe throwing experience at the Axe Factor.

I came across the Axe Factor in Klook while I was looking for activities to do in Singapore. Because I wasn’t going to Universal Studios (I don’t like going to team parks, especially if I was going solo), I had more funds for activities I could do solo. I got my Klook voucher at a great deal, much cheaper than if I booked from Axe Factor’s website.

My biggest concern was how to get to the Axe Factor from my hotel. Google Maps options showed a great deal of walking and I was still tired from all my walking when I went to Gardens by the Bay the day before. This place can be a little far and Google maps does not help much in giving you options on how to get here. Thankfully, I visited Axe Factor’s site and learned that I could go there via the free shuttle buses that go to The Grandstand.

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 3.48.38 PM.png

I went to the website of The Grandstand to know how I could hop on their free shuttle buses. I was not disappointed and I learned that I only needed to get to any of the following stops:

Botanic Gardens Route
A. Botanic Gardens MRT (B41021)
B. Tan Kah Kee MRT (B41051)
C. Sixth Avenue MRT (B41081)
D. Sixth Avenue Centre (B42011)
E. The Tessarina (B42031)
F. Aft Swiss Club Road (B42029)
G. The Grandstand

Clementi Route
A. Clementi MRT (B17179)
B. Clementi Road, Blk 116 (B12071)
C. Opp King Albert Park MRT (B42059)
D. Opp The Nexus (B42039)
E. The Grandstand

Toa Payoh Route
A. Toa Payoh MRT (B52189)
B. Bukit Timah Road Bef Lewis Road (B40091)
C. Botanic Gardens MRT (B41021)
D. Tan Kah Kee MRT (B41051)
E. The Grandstand

You may visit The Grandstand’s website for the trip schedule.

To ensure that I was going to have a slot, I didn’t want to risk walking in. However, I could not book via the Axe Factor’s website because I was being asked to pay again. So, I sent them an e-mail a day or two before to let them know that I already bought a voucher via Klook and they reserved me a slot at my preferred time!

From J8 Hotel, where I was staying, I decided to commute to the Six Avenue MRT Station. I walked from the hotel to Aft Allenby Road where I took Bus 67 to Sixth Avenue MRT Station. The walk to the bus station was just 5 minutes I simply relied on Google Maps to tell me if I was near the Sixth Avenue MRT stop already, so I can ring the bell to signal that someone’s alighting at that stop.

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 3.52.50 PM.png

Once you get off the bus, don’t go anywhere anymore. In my cluelessness, I still went inside the MRT Station just to ask about the free shuttle going to The Grandstand. I was told to wait for it at the same bus stop where I alighted, so I had to walk all the way back.

You cannot miss the shuttle because it’s a colorful ride that bears the name of The Grandstand. It may be free, but it’s still fully air-conditioned and comfortable. The drivers were careful on the road but were not so slow that you’ll miss your reservation at the Axe Factor.

Free shuttle to The Grandstand. I love how bright and lively it looks!

A few minutes after hopping on the shuttle bus, I got dropped off a few meters away from Axe Factor. I was so excited, but also scared I was going to injure myself. I can be clumsy from time to time, haha.

Registration was a breeze! After scanning my Klook voucher, I was asked to sign a waiver. The “Axepert” who assisted me was a nice guy who gave the safety briefing and taught me the basics of throwing the hatchet and the small, thin axes that looked like a ninja’s weapon. Once he saw that I knew how to throw properly, he left me on my own already.

Because I was on my own, I had the entire hour to myself to throw my weapons. If you think axe throwing is easy, it is! Hitting the target was the more difficult task because it required technique and precision. For that reason, I did not bother hitting a specific spot. I just threw and threw in hopes to land somewhere appropriate without hurting myself in the process.


Even if there were other people playing beside my lane, I did not have to worry that their misses might cause me hard. There were protective barriers for each lane so people can throw without worrying about the other players’ safety.

I had so much fun and it truly was an awesome stress reliever! I managed to make a few good hits, but I also had several bloopers like when I almost chopped off a chunk of my hatchet’s handle (see video here)! Sheesh! This is now my second favorite, next to archery!

Axe throwing is a great activity whether solo or with your friends. I highly recommend that you check this place out when you go to Singapore! You’ll get an arm workout from throwing and walking and squatting exercises from when you retrieve your weapons. Just remember to wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes. Heck, I went there in a dress and sneakers!

When my time was up, I rested for a bit before heading back to the shuttle bus terminal so I could travel to my next destination: Suntec City.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures in Singapore! In my next post, I’ll be writing about my fortune-telling experience. In the meantime, you may want to read about my other experiences in Singapore. Just click here to read posts under that category.

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