IMG_0178Hi there! My name is Monica and welcome to my blog!

So, why did I call it Sunshine and Robins?

We all need some sunshine in our lives for warmth and comfort. For me, the sun is like a promise of good things to come and a symbol for something to look forward to.

On the other hand, if you believe in animal totems, the robin symbolizes renewal or new birth. Sometimes, change can be scary and so we try to keep ourselves stuck to our comfort zones. But, change can also be magic just waiting to happen if only we will open ourselves to possibilities (which I am trying to remind myself every now and then).

I created Sunshine and Robins to be a place where I can share my experiences as I try to discover more about the world and about myself in the process. I want it to be like a diary of my attempts to get out of my comfort zone regardless of their outcome. I also want it to be a place where I can look back at the people I have met and the things I have learned as I explore more of this thing called life. Along the way, I hope it will inspire others too to meet new people, explore new places and discover new interests. Together, let’s keep on shining!

Some facts about me:

  • I am from the Philippines and I am partly Spanish because of my  great-great-great grandfather, Olegario Camins. He was sent by the Spanish Queen from Barcelona to Zamboanga. Although, I believe the Camins originated from Catalonia.
  • I have one sister who is around three years older than me but people always think we’re twins (I personally don’t think we look anything alike). I would like to think it is because she looks young.
  • I was born on the 11th of February which makes me an Aquarian
  • I do not have pets because of my asthma
  • I love reading and I enjoy listening to music.
  • I am a worrywart but there are days when I can go “crazy” and  take pictures with a python around my neck or a baby crocodile in my hands.

Want to collaborate? Send me a message on my Facebook Page or send me a tweet at my Twitter handle, @SunshineNRobins. You may also find me on Instagram with the handle, @sunshinenrobins. Let’s keep on shining!