Just Whipped: Coffee Choco Chip Ice Cream

“There were some problems only coffee and ice cream could fix.”  ― Amal El-Mohtar, Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories

One problem I got is this humid summer heat. The peak temperature in the country ranges from 33°C – 36°C and combined with the humidity levels, those would normally feel 5 to 6 degrees hotter.

So, I decided to make another homemade ice cream using just whipping cream and condensed milk. I have tried it before with my chocolate chip ice cream and it was delicious, albeit a little too sweet.

I found a recipe for no-machine coffee ice cream from Honest Cooking and noticed that it only used 200 grams of condensed milk (equivalent to 200 ml) whereas the whipping was at 600 ml. So technically, the condensed milk was only 1/4 of the mixture. The last time I tried to make no-machine ice cream, there was only about 50 ml difference between the whipping cream and condensed milk. I decided right then to give this recipe a go, knowing that it was not going to be too sweet.

But because I wanted my ice cream to have something to bite into, I decided to add chocolate chips. I also decided to add vanilla because Gemma Stafford from Bigger Bolder Baking, from whom I first learned about no-machine ice cream, said it aids in the proper freezing of the ice cream.

65428112_unknownI used Anchor Whipping Cream this time. I remember Anchor being the brand of my powdered milk when I was growing up. I wondered if I was going to like the whipping cream from the same brand.

I used the same condensed milk and chocolate chip brands from my first ice cream attempt. I also just used whatever instant coffee I had at home.

65428192_unknownFirst, I whipped up my cream into stiff peaks just like I did the last time. Once there, I added the instant coffee to my condensed milk. I did not dissolve it in water anymore. I was under the impression that introducing water to the mixture may cause crystallization that might make the ice cream really hard once frozen.

65428368_unknownOnce dissolved in the condensed milk, I added the mixture to my whipped cream base. I mixed them until well combined. After that, I folded in my chocolate chips into the ice cream mixture.

I tried to taste a little bit of the ice cream and found that one packet/sachet of the coffee was just right and that the ice cream base was not as sweet as my previous attempt. Everything was just right! And so, I placed the in my tin ice cream containers knowing I was going to love it later on.


Six hour later, my coffee choco chip ice cream was ready to be served! I’m so happy!!!


You can already judge how hot it was by looking at the spots that were almost melting already.

The verdict? I really, really loved it! The coffee was not too strong but it helped make the ice cream taste less of the condensed milk. The ice cream was not too sweet, which was exactly how I envisioned the recipe to turn out.

I shall be trying to make fruity flavors next time. Mangoes? Strawberries? Avocado? Hmm… The possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?



Candies and Make Believe

When I was turning six years old, Mom and Dad thought it was okay to have a party at my school. So they prepared everything including loot bags for my classmates to bring home.

Among the contents of the loot bags were candies. What candies? Monica candies!

I have not seen this candy since I was in grade school. Back then, everything that had your name made you feel special.

My Dad made me believe they had those candies made especially for my birthday. I believed him for a year or two until I saw packs of these candies in the grocery. Oopsie… 🤣🤣🤣

I should try these candies one of these days…

Just Baked: Thumbprint Cookies

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do.” -Elvis Presley

For a country where majority of the people are Catholics, the Holy Week is a very important event. In the Philippines, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are declared non-working holidays. This means four days of rest and time to reflect on the meaning of lent and the sacrifice of Jesus.

Being someone who cannot be idle for more than two days though, I had to look for activities to do to keep me busy and to keep my mind from thinking about very serious stuff that will not change no matter how much I thought of them anyway.

After browsing the net for stuff to do, I came across a recipe for butter and jam thumbprint cookies from Food Network. I knew immediately that I wanted to make those cookies since all the ingredients were available at home. I decided to swap the vanilla for almond though just because I felt like it. I also just missed eating almond cookies so, make them, I shall. For the full list of ingredients and procedures, click here.

Except for using almond extract instead of vanilla and margarine instead of butter, all other ingredients I used were as instructed. I know, I know. I am stubborn that way.

Processed with MOLDIV

It was also my first time to try my pink sifter that I bought just a few weeks ago. I am in the process of building a new set of baking tools and I want all (if possible) of them pink! Despite the decision, purple is actually my favorite color but it’s difficult to find baking tools in that color so I am going for its cousin instead.

I sifted the flour, salt and baking powder together because I didn’t want any lumps in my dough from chunky bits of these powdery stuff. I then proceeded to whip the butter and sugar until they were fluffy. When they reached the fluffy stage, I added the egg and the almond extract and went back to whipping these all together until well combined. Once done, I mixed all my wet and dry ingredients together, making sure not to overmix so I do not end up with a tough cookie.

I dislike getting my fingers oily or sticky so I used an ice cream scooper and two spoons to help me form round balls of dough. I scooped and dropped them to a bowl with sugar to roll them in before going with the two spoons to make the dough ball rounder. Once placed on my cookie sheet, I used my ¼ tsp measuring spoon to make an indentation or a well in the middle of the cookie to place my strawberry jam in. I know that it’s supposed to be a “thumbprint” cookie but I think my thumb is way too fat to make a proper well in the dough.

Jam is in! They’re off to the oven! Ooooh they look so cute!


Until… I know that in the comment section, some suggested to chill the dough first because they spread too much and the jam can leak to the bottom and burn. Chilling the dough will help it keep its shape. What happened to my cookies was that it spread a little and the middle part rose higher, causing the well to lose its depth. Some cookies had their jams spilling over instead. At least they did not leak in the bottom.


Regardless, they were so cute! And yummy too! I was so glad I swapped the vanilla for almond extract because strawberry on almond cookies was heavenly!!!

I may have baked these cookies a little longer than the recipe called for but that’s okay with me because I did not end up with tough and rock-hard cookies. Instead, I got sturdier cookies that did not break or crumbled very easily.


So, here! My “thumbprint” cookies that did not have my thumbprint at all! They’re chewy, sweet and the almond and strawberry flavors tasted the way I hoped for them too. It’s perfect to pair with tea for an afternoon snack or just have them anytime you want.


I shall try to make them again next time using preserves, making sure that there’s a bit of preserve in the well of the chilled dough. Wonder how that will turn out.

Just Whipped: Chocolate Ice Cream (No Machine)

“My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate.” – Thornton Wilder

Summer seems to be here in the Philippines! The sun’s hotter, there is not much rain, and the malls are now selling swimwear and sunscreen more than ever! It’s the season for buko juice, tan lines and ice cream!

I am not that into sweet foods but ice cream is something I have always loved. I got it from Mom. She can finish a pint in one sitting (we only have ice cream occasionally) and she taught me to sprinkle it with cornflakes to have something to bite into. Plain, smooth ice cream is not our thing. The chunkier, the better!

Despite my disappointment in my attempt with Gemma Stafford’s 3-ingredient coconut cookies (click here for blog post), I still think she has other lovely recipes up her sleeve. I saw her YouTube videos of no-machine ice cream using just whipping cream and condensed milk so I gave it a go. I found her recipe in her Bigger Bolder Baking blog and I decided to make a chocolate ice cream using her base.

I bought myself some whipping cream from Chocolate Lover‘s branch in Makati City as well as some small, white marshmallows. Then, I got myself some condensed milk, cocoa powder (transferred it into a jar already) and some mini chocolate chips.

I whipped up 2 cups of whipping cream until I reached stiff peaks.  It did not take long for the cream to get there.  Since I used a hand mixer for this one, I’d say about three minutes on high speed? I remember getting impatient because the cream was still too runny. I took my camera with one hand and turned it on and when I looked back, I had stiff peaks already!

Then, I added 14oz of condensed milk and 1/4 cup of cocoa powder. I lightly mixed with a spatula first before going back with the hand mixer because I did not want to powder my face with the cocoa powder. I stopped as soon as it was well incorporated into the whipped cream. It looks a bit light in the picture because of the lighting in the room but it’s actually more chocolatey than that. Reminds me of Wendy’s chocolate frosty though.

Then, I folded in some chocolate chips and not-so mini marshmallows. We want our ice cream chunky!!!

I originally wanted to make chocolate rocky road ice cream but I did not have nuts on hand so I had to look for something else to put in. No matter what, the marshmallows had to go in! I love those stuff.

Once mixed well, I transferred them to these super cute can containers I also found in Chocolate Lover. So festive! I figured that the can would make it quicker for the ice cream to freeze.

After freezing them for more than six hours, ta-da!

The verdict? It’s yummy but too sweet for my liking. I should probably use just two-thirds of the amount of condensed milk. My taste buds have changed over the years and I cannot finish the amount of ice cream I used to eat in one sitting as a child. I did remember Gemma saying she used a fat-free type of condensed milk because it was not as sweet. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing here in the Philippines.

There I have it! My very own chocolate ice cream that I whipped up myself. It’s sweet, very rich, and really cooling for a hot summer day! I am not planning to eat a pint in one sitting though. Hahaha…

I want to try making strawberry ice cream next. What other flavors would be nice?